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Albert Heijn logo is a stylised "ah".

Built about 1820; junction of 2 houses; inventory from the old grocery’s shop of Albert Heijn.

Original installation Albert Heijn shop Oostzaan. Opened in 1976. The shop is characteristic of a 19th century grocery-shop. The shop is full of interesting smells which remind one of days gone past. In this beautiful listed building is the faithfully detailed reconstruction of the inventory and interior of the first Albert Heijn shop in Oostzaan. This is how Albert Heijn, grandfather and founder of the mighty Ahold supermarket emporium began when he took over the small grocery store from his parents in 1887.
“Albert Heijn” museum
Museumshop Albert Heijn Grocery
Kalverringdijk 5
1509 BT Zaandam
Tel: 075-6169619
March 1st till November 1st: Daily 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00 hr.
November 1st till March 1st:
Saturday and Sunday 11.00-13.00 and 14.00-16.00 hr.
(Also opened during Christmas)
More details:

Albert Heijn B.V Supermarket Chain

Albert Heijn is the oldest part of Ahold, and still has the largest market share in the Netherlands. The stores are full service supermarkets (as opposed to discounters) known for their focus on quality stores and products. This focus on quality is part of the reason that Albert Heijn is regarded as one of the more expensive supermarkets. However, after the recent price war - initiated by Albert Heijn itself and involving nearly all Dutch supermarket chains - the prices are now at a normal level. At the moment, its market share is around 30 per cent. Prices can be further discounted by using a customer discount card, called "Bonuskaart" in Dutch. Their logo is a stylised "ah".

The Albert Heijn legacy had its beginnings in 1887 in the Netherlands, just north of Amsterdam in the small village of Oostzaan. It was there that a young man named Albert Heijn, who was working in his father’s grocery store, had the vision of developing a mega-store which would offer customers a one- stop shopping experience where customers could purchase all of their weekly necessities, not just their groceries. As his concept soon caught on and over the years, his dream became a reality, and his stores began appearing all over the Netherlands. With a well-honed roll-out plan, heady management and a program geared to always “give the customer what he or she wanted,” the company grew and has just kept growing. Albert Heijn went public in 1948, ultimately becoming the country’s largest grocery chain. Today, there are 1750+ Albert Heijn supermarkets around the world.

Albert Heijn pioneered the development of the modern supermarket in the Netherlands. Its innovations range from the creation of the country’s first self-service formats and the development of general merchandise as a grocery store category to the introduction of new and exciting products to store shelves that have since become mainstays of Dutch consumers.

Albert Heijn, based in Zaandam, the Netherlands, is the leading Dutch supermarket operator with approximately 700 stores. The company is part of Royal Ahold, which encompasses an international group of local food retail and foodservice operators that do business under their own brand names primarily in the United States and Europe. Albert Heijn pioneered the development of the supermarket in The Netherlands. The company operates stores in a number of formats: the everyday supermarket, the larger Albert Heijn XL for weekly groceries (4,000 square meters), the convenience stores AH to go and the Internet delivery service Almost 200 of Albert Heijn’s stores are run by franchisees.

Today the company continues to inspire consumers with unique products and services, including a range of private label brands designed to meet the needs of specific types of customers. Private label accounts for approximately half of Albert Heijn’s sales.
Albert Heijn Headquarter
Types of stores

Head office
PR and Media Relations Division
Provincialeweg 11
1506 MA Zaandam
The Netherlands
Tel: 075 6595050 (Media representatives)
You can also call at 0800 2352523 by Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 21:30, Saturday from 8:00 to 14:30. (Customer Service)
Email: (Media representatives)
Website: or (Dutch Only)

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Albert Heijn XL Supermarket Chain

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