Amsterdam Smart City (ASC)

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC)

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is an independent partner for climate – and energy projects. The organization gathers companies, authorities and citizens in Amsterdam to use energy in a smart way and test new technologies. In this way, Amsterdam Smart City will contribute towards the fulfillment of the objectives of the New Amsterdam Climate. Projects already started in the first year are for example the Climate Street, the ITO-tower with offices testing new Smart Building technologies and two Sustainable Livings projects with 1,000 households testing energy displays and smart meters. Amsterdam Smart City is partly financed by the European Fund for regional development of the European Commission.

On the streets of Amsterdam major changes were afoot. The first of 1,200 households were gearing up to install an energy-saving system aimed at cutting electricity costs. Others were given fresh access to financing from Holland's Rabobank to buy everything from energy-saving light bulbs to ultra-efficient roof insulation. And on Utrechtsestraat, a major shopping avenue in the center of the Dutch capital, solar-powered panels on local bus stops were installed to transform the road into a "Climate Street" piloting clean technology.

The projects are Amsterdam's first steps toward making its infrastructure more eco-friendly. Other projects are expected to follow soon. They include 300 power hookups around the city to recharge electric cars, solar panels that will be installed on Amsterdam's historic 17th century townhouses, and infrastructure upgrades that will allow households to sell energy they generate from small-scale wind turbines or solar panels back to the city's electricity grid for a profit.

Amsterdam's recent green energy move comes as governments worldwide set aside billions of dollars to create "smart cities" that mix renewable energy projects and stiffer efficiency rules to cut overall carbon dioxide footprints. Other cities have shown interest in the idea, but so far Amsterdam remains the world leader, aiming to complete its first round investments by 2012. That makes it one of the most ambitious adopters of the smart city concept, which has attracted attention from global policymakers hoping to glean lessons from Amsterdam's green experiment.
Amsterdam Smart City Going Green


Climate goals set by the EU initiated Amsterdam Smart City:

Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is a unique collaboration between the inhabitants of Amsterdam, its businesses, research institutions and government authorities aimed at showing how it is possible to save energy now and in the future. Together we are developing smart projects that will change the world. We test them in Amsterdam first. The ultimate goal of Amsterdam Smart City is to reduce CO2 emissions.

Amsterdam Smart City started as a unique cooperation between the citizens of Amsterdam, businesses, knowledge institutes and authorities to test the new, energy saving technologies and share knowledge and learning points with other countries and cities, so it can be used when it’s implemented on a larger scale. Amsterdam Smart City contributes to Amsterdam’s climate goals in an economically sustainable way by enabling its partners to apply innovative technologies and stimulate behavioral change with end users in the program’s sustainability projects.

Amsterdam Smart City stands for innovative technology, the modification of the behavior of Amsterdam’s citizens, and sustainable economic development. By bringing partners together and setting up small-scale local projects, Amsterdam Smart City makes it possible to test all new initiatives. That way the most effective initiatives can subsequently be implemented on a large scale. By doing so, Amsterdam Smart City effectively serves as an accelerator for climate and energy projects. The projects will focus on issues such as sustainable living, sustainable working, sustainable mobility and sustainable public spaces. In Amsterdam Smart City user driven innovation and testing are at the center of all projects.

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Dutch sustainable smart city concept

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