Astrin, Netherlands

Astrin, Netherlands

Astrin is the trade organisation of the Dutch traffic and transport industry, members each have their own fields of expertise with high tech solutions for traffic mobility. ASTRIN works to increase the professionalism of purchasing and contracting policies of clients. ASTRIN consults with road authorities over the interpretation of Professional patronage and funding ( new ) technology , is working on standardization. It informs members about laws and regulations , Members Letters publishes 4 times a year. ASTRIN works with Connekt / ITS and SMI.

ASTRIN connect the public-private network to include ICT accessibility and mobility. The membership of SMI set ASTRIN members to litigation over public free to call on legal expertise and a neutral way ( legal) action against public clients.

Location and Contact:
op met J.W. (Hans) van Pagée, secretaris ASTRIN
Boerhaavelaan 40,
Postbus 190, 2700 AD Zoetermeer
Phone:+31(0)79- 35 31 244
Mobile :+31(0)6-55858859

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