Aviodrome Historic Aircraft

Aviodrome Historic Aircraft

Fokker F27 'Friendship'

he Fokker Friendship is one of the most important milestones in Dutch aviation history. Don't let the modern looks fool you, it is a historic plane. You can experience a flight as though it where the 1950s, even the interior is original! The authentic toilet, the open overhead bins and the original galley are good examples of that.

Our Friendship was built in 1958. It is the first production plane that was delivered, to Irish airline Aer Lingus. From 1966 this plane served throughout New Zealand and Australia. During the last 47 years this plane flew almost daily, and can be regarded a true workhorse. In December 2004 this plane made a ferry flight from Australia to the Netherlands where it received a large refurbishment.

The crews manning our flights are highly qualified and enthusiastic volunteers that work daily in the aviation industry. For the Friendship two flights are on offer:

During the flight the passengers will have a great view, owing to the large windows and the high wings. The routes are dependant on instructions given by air traffic control.

Flights in the Friendship are available per person including access to the Aviodrome. If you are interested, please contact us at +31 (0)900 284 63 76 (25 cents/minute) or by e-mail.
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Catalina PH-PBY

Following an extensive restoration and refurbishment the Consolidated PBY5A 'Catalina', build in 1941, came back to life.

The Royal Netherlands Navy operated 78 such planes from 1941 to 1958. The PH-PBY is painted in the same livery the Royal Netherlands Navy used in the former Dutch East Indies (present day Indonesia). After the navy retired them, they where picked up by amongst others KLM and the Bataafse Olie Maatschappij, part of the Royal Dutch Shell Group.

The plane offers room for 15 passengers. From its comfortable chairs you will have a fantastic view. Look over the shoulders of the pilots, or take plane in one of the two blisters offering one of the most spectacular panoramic views you will ever get in a plane. From there you will also have a great view over the two impressive Pratt & Whitney R-1839 'Twin Wasp' engines that deliver 1180 horse power each.
Catalina PH-PBY

The splash!

During the flight you will be given a unique 'splash and go' on the IJsselmeer, a unique experience you will never forget! Please note though that this 'splash and go' is fully dependant on the condition of both the weather and the water.

Marine Memorial Flight (Easter special)

This flight for sponsors takes 75 minutes (60 minutes in the air). It is a special flight taking you over naval air base 'De Kooy' in Den Helder, the navy base of Den Helder and the navy base 'De Mok' on the Mokbay of the island of Texel. During this flight a water landing will be made on the IJsselmeer. Moreover, you will have plenty of time to look in the blisters or the cockpit.

Day trip to air show "Leonardo da Vinci"

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Aviation Construction Student organization "Leonardo da Vinci" (VSV). To celebrate this organization will have a closed air show at naval air station 'De Kooy' in Den Helder on the 28th of May. This exclusive show is only open for invitees. However, you can still experience this unique show as a VIP passenger of our Catalina.

Departure from Lelystad will be around 10.00. We will take you to NAS 'De Kooy' where you will enjoy the flying and static show. This is made all the more complete by a delicious lunch and drink, befitting the VIP status you will have.

On the way back we will (weather conditions permitting) make a water landing. Total flight time is roughly 60 minutes. You can reserve your flight by contacting us at +31 (0)900 284 63 76 (25 cents/minute) or by e-mail. If you are interested in booking the entire plane you can e-mail the Catalina PBY foundation.

Fokker S11 'Instructor'

If you got a strong stomach, and like unexpected action, then the Fokker S.11 flight is something for you! The pilot can do the most fantastic of maneuvers you would want. Loop the plane, do a roll… it is all possible, and them some!

You will leave in a formation of three or four S.11 planes and will then continue individually to do the aerobatics requested by you. Of course if you prefer a more tranquil flight that is also possible. For instance to enjoy 30 minutes over the prettiest places in the province of Flevoland.

The owner of the planes is the Fokker Four Foundation. This is a group of volunteers that demonstrate their fleet of five Fokker S.11s at various air shows all over Europe, most of the time in a tight formation of four Fokkers.

The S.11 is a teaching plane that during the '50s was used for basic flight training. It served amongst others in the air forces of The Netherlands, Italy, Israel and Brazil. The plane offers space to two persons sitting next to each other. You will have the right hand seat, with the pilot sitting on the left. You will therefore have a tremendous view all around you.

We do not just offer these individual flights. It is also possible to book a complete Fokker S.11 day for up to 20 persons. If you want we will even throw in our congress and catering facilities!

For more information on the above mentioned offers please contact us at +31 (0)900 284 63 76 (25 cents/minute) or by e-mail.

Antonov AN-2

The Antonov An-2 is the largest single engine biplane in the world. The plane was developed in 1947 specifically for the Russian ministry of agriculture and forestry. The unusual design was chosen because of the fact that it only needed a very short runway to take-off and land. This made it possible to use the plane in even the most inhospitable of planes.

It did not take long for other users to discover the unique flying characteristics of the Antonov An-2. The plane was used for a lot of other military and civilian purposes. So popular did it prove to be, that roughly 18.000 where build!

The plane we will use for our flights is owned by the German company 'Classic Wings'. That's why the Antonov is painted in the original livery of the 'Deutschen Lufthansa der DDR' (predecessor of Interflug), the airline of the former East Germany.

During your flight you will sit in one of the luxurious leather seats and enjoy the sounds of the mighty 9 cylinder engine as well as the view. It is also possible, for a bit more money, to sit in the cockpit during the flight.

Please book your flight in the Antonov by contacting us at +31 (0)900 284 63 76 (25 cents/minute) or by e-mail.

Contact and other details info visit: National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome (Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome) at Lelystad Airport

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