Aviodrome For Kids

Aviodrome For Kids

The Aviodrome is always exciting! At the start you will step into a real time machine! You enter in a big machine, which looks curiously like an elevator. It is dark. Then the show begins! You will see aviation history flying by, complete with sounds and motion!

There is also a children's corner where the little ones can play and fold paper aeroplanes. You can take one of the discovery tours when you enter the museum, and successful explorers are rewarded with a super Aviodrome souvenir!

When you leave the time machine, you can begin your journey of exploration. You will find answers to many things you might want to know about aviation. For instance how it is possible that a plane lifts off and flies at extreme altitudes and speeds. You may have wondered how flying used to be in the past. A replica of the cabin of a plane from the 1933 has been recreated to let you experience just that! If you want to know how airports worked in the past, you're in for a real treat! The Schiphol terminal building from the late 1920s has been completely recreated.
Kids fun and learning at Aviodrome

Flight laboratory

In the flight laboratory you can test how wings work. You can place various wing forms in a wind tunnel. This will clearly illustrate how planes fly and turn.

Outside area

Somewhere on the park, if you look really carefully, you will find a wooden plane that once crash landed at the Aviodrome. Once you finished climbing in and on it, there's another big plane, an Antonov AN-2, you can climb in! Heck, you might as well sit on the captain's chair while you're there! You may not be flying for real, but that does not stop you from fiddling with the controls!
Once you're done flying the An-2 to warmer places, you are invited to experience the full motion flight simulator. Get some real G forces! Hopefully your stomach can take it!

During some days in the school holidays there is also a bouncy castle. Please call +31 (0)900-AVIODROME (+31 900 2846376) for more information (25 ct/min).

School trips

Experience a great aviation day with your entire class here at the Aviodrome. Visit the Aviodrome with your class, and discover how the plane was born a little over a century ago. Or discover how a flight in 1933 would have been.

Elementary school package

Secondary school package


The Aviodrome constantly organizing tours for children. For instance movie weekends, theatre plays or special guided tours. During every school holiday additional activities are organized.

Kids parties

You want to organize your birthday party at the Aviodrome? Well, we'd gladly oblige! You will receive a festive reception at the Aviodrome. How about dressing up like pilot of steward(ess) and get into a real plane? Feel like a real pilot! Don't forget to buckle up!

If you want to organize a party in the Aviodrome, then that is possible! They offer the following basic arrangement for children aged six and older.

Co-pilot € 12,50

The party can be made even more memorable by adding one or more of the
following options. The prices are per person.
Kids menu: grill burger, potato smiles, "appelmoes" (mashed
apple - Dutch delicacy), mayonaise, drinks and a small gift
€ 4,75
Bun with a grill burger, French fries and mayonnaise € 3,75
French fries with mayonnaise and a "kroket" € 3,25
French fries with mayonaise € 1,25
Pancake, lemonade and a packaged ice-cream € 3,00
Bag with various candies, including chocolate, crisps, lollypop
and a colour plate
€ 2,40
Packed ice cream € 0,65
Packed present for the birthday boy (Die Cast Metal Show Flight) € 5,25
Packed present for all the children (Die Cast Aero Club Pioneer) € 2,95

Colour plates
If you want to make a few drawings back home, then we got a few nice colour plates for you.

Contact and other details info visit: National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome (Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome) at Lelystad Airport

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