Bakery museum (Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij), Medemblik

Bakery museum (Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij), Medemblik

Traditional baking is still carried out here every day and children may even have a go themselves during the school holidays and see how our house worked 350 years ago as a bakery. In the bakery museum “de oude bakkerij” regular demonstrations are given of cake- and biscuit making, marzipan, chocolate and sometimes old fashioned bread making. They can make their own chocolate candies, decorate it and in the end they can bring their self-made chocolate candies to the house and enjoy it. Or they have the move about the the bakery, you can watch the movie there, in one of the room. Other thing that we could learn in this Old Bakery Museum is how to make the decoration for your cakes, either it will be birthday cake or wedding cake.

The delicious smell greets you when you walk through the door. The baker uses the tools that are displayed in the museum: a variety of machines driven by hand and different moulds. He bakes it all in an old oven. You are very welcome to visit the museum! It organises regular demonstrations, as well as hands-on activities for children.
regular demonstrations for children at Bakery museum (Bakkerijmuseum De Oude Bakkerij), Medemblik

Location and Contact:
Nieuwstraat 8
1671 BD Medemblik
Telephone: 0227-545 014
Fax: 0227-540135
Website: (English not available yet)

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