Bakery museum “In De Gecroonde Duyvekater” In Zaanse Schans, Zaandam

Bakery museum “In De Gecroonde Duyvekater” In Zaanse Schans, Zaandam

'In de Gecroonde Duyvekater' dating from 1658 houses a baker's shop with a 19th century interior, a bakery with an authentic oven and living accommodation. The shop and the bakery form a surprisingly intimate bakery museum. Wooden “duivekater” (sweet kind of bread) above the front door; marbled shop floor. Transported to Zaandijk in 1970, hanging between 2 breakdown Lorries.

The first house at Zeilenmakerspad (Sail-maker's path) is the bakery-museum, called 'In de Gecroonde Duijvekater'. It was built as a private house in 1658 and converted into a bakery in I753. It was moved to the Zaanse Schans in I970. The ovens were in use until 1956. Up until the First World War the fire was fed with saw-dust. The saw-dust box, the flour-store and the authentic toilet are on the ditch at the back of the bakery. The floor in the shop has been painted to give a 'marbled' effect. Over the front door is a wooden 'duijvekater', a popular sort of sweet bread from the district and the museum was named after it. In pagan times black cats were sometimes sacrificed to lay evil spirits. Later these 'duijvelkaters' (devil-cats) were replaced by loaves shaped like a shin. In Christian times the duijvekater became a delicacy, baked especially for Christmas and Whitsun.

Museum Hours:
March till November. Tuesday till Sunday 10.00-17.00 hr.
July and August also Monday 10.00-17.00 hr.

Adults ½ 1,00
Children 4 - 11 0,50
CJP/65+ ½ 0,50
Museum annual season ticket holders free of charge.

Location and Contact:
Bakery Museum In de Gecroonde Duyvekater
Zeilenmakerspad 4
1509 BZ ,Zaanse Schans, Zaandam
Tel: 075-6173522
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