Batavia Stad factory outlet shopping center, Lelystad

Stadspoort of Batavia Stad factory outlet shopping center, Lelystad

BATAVIA STAD, near Lelystad, means factory outlet shopping in style. This outlet shopping center houses 132 shops selling Brand names. Featuring, among others, Sense Perfumes, Lacoste en Replay & Sons. All major fashion brands 30-70% cheaper. 100% fashionable ladies', men's and children's fashion, shoes, lingerie and sports & outdoor wear. All major brands at their best. If you love fashion, come to BATAVIA STAD. Open seven days a week from 10 to 6. Open every Sunday.

Factory Outlet Village (FOV) 'Batavia Stad'

Batavia Stad is the first Factory Outlet Village (FOV) in the Netherlands. Factory Outlet is quite a new concept in the Netherlands. The idea of bringing factory shops together to sell branded articles at low prices was developed around 1980 in the United States, from where it caught on in England. Now factory outlets have been opened across Europe, with great success too.

In an outlet center manufactures of international top brands retail last season’s collections and surplus stock directly to the consumer. It figures that outlets always offer goods at prices well below recommended retail prices! An outlet is the perfect place to shop for cost-conscious people who enjoy wearing brand name fashions.

The intention is to present the theme 'the relationship of the Netherlands with water' in as complete a manner to the visitors as possible. Through its shops, cultural and educational activities, events, hotels, restaurants and cafés, the district as a whole offers experiences, education, accommodation and entertainment to as wide a public as possible.

The FOV Batavia Stad is located in the Museum District of Lelystad on the shores of the Markermeer and IJsselmeer. The Museum District already contains a number of cultural and recreational facilities: the Batavia dock, where replicas of historic VOC ships are being built on a site that itself has a museum-like character, the Nieuwland Polder Museum that exhibits the development of polders in the Netherlands, the Olympion Sports Museum displaying the history of sport in the Netherlands, and The National Service for Cultural Heritage Lelystad (RCE Lelystad, formerly RACM Lelystad), which researches into maritime history. It is important for the FOV to reflect this theme, giving it a thematic basis and thus enhancing its recreational and tourist allure.

The success story of Batavia Stad Outlet Shopping get a sequel. The first Factory Outlet Centre in the Netherlands expanded with a second phase. In total circa 12,000 m² added to the existing 14,000 m².

This expansion made Batavia Stad onto the waterfront of the Markermeer. Batavia Stad the emphasis is on a high quality atmosphere and pleasant environment. A style chosen which reminds the visitor of a courtyard. A sheltered space with traditional step-gabled buildings, white mansions and a lot of greenery.

On the border between the existing and the new Batavia Stad there are two 'wall' units, made out of the same Wallonian natural stone as town walls. In the second phase of Batavia Stad have chosen to go with high quality fashion brands. The Batavia Stad is more oriented towards sports and leisure clothing. The second phase have more high quality ladies fashion from well known brands. There are also high-quality leisure clothing but with the accent more on fashion. The product assortment also be further broadened.
beautyful view of Batavia Stad inside
The 'water building' is central. An attractive transparent building on two levels which connects the water with the Outlet Village. With views over the water, the Batavia ship and the Wharf, the visitor can enjoy food and refreshments from the terraces and the boardwalk. Looking over to the other side, the visitor will see the courtyard and the rest of Batavia Stad, right up to the 'Ship's entrance'. Dont miss the Aviodrome, with its very large collection of historic planes, is a unique aviation theme park & museum and is opened year round. It is not far from the Batavia Shipyard: 17th century Dutch shipbuilding.

Batavia Stad Museums (BataviaStad Musea)

Thanks to the many shipwrecks in Flevoland, Lelystad now houses the National Centre for Maritime History, with a museum and the shipyard that has built the Batavia replica. An adventure of discovery in Lelystad. Together the Batavia Wharf (The Batavia Shipyard), National Service for Cultural Heritage Lelystad (RCE Lelystad, formerly RACM Lelystad) and Nieuw Land Poldermuseum/Heritage Centre form Batavia Stad Museums (BataviaStad Musea). Here, you will see amazing images of maritime history, ship wrecks and the reclaiming of the polder with collections of the history of the Dutch province of Flevoland. The museums are within walking distance of each other.

The street directly adjacent to the IJsselmeer Boulevard is characterized by imposing architecture. The partially high, partially lower buildings create shelter and have both an entrance onto the Outlet Village and an entrance onto the boulevard with a view over the water.

There is now also a beer brewery - Klokbier - within Batavia Stad. The Batavia Stad Museums worked closely together and indeed with all the other 'inhabitants' of the Town.

A spectacular Boatshow also be organized by Yacht Vision in cooperation with the city of Lelystad. Read more on

Building of the high quality apartments and townhouses (Batavia Haven) are also great and there are an attractive boulevard. With the presence of the tall ships (Bruine Vloot) and the doubling of the size of the harbour, Batavia Haven is also becoming an ever more important addition to Batavia Stad.

In short, the location is developing into something which is unique in the Netherlands. It offers its consumers at least a full day's enjoyment.

Opening hours and accessibility Batavia Stad is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., throughout the year. The only exceptions are Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Batavia Stad outlet shopping is entrance fee. The shopping village is easily accessible by car (free parking) and public transport. Batavia Stad is well equipped to welcome shoppers in wheelchairs.

NOTE: Dogs are not allowed. Your pet can be free in one of the dog kennels staying at at the Polderpoort entry.
TIP: With the nearby Bataviawerf you can shop in Batavia City combine a day out on the wharf.

Location and Contact:

Visiting address:
Batavia Stad
Bataviaplein 60
8242 PN, Lelystad
Telephone: 0320 – 292 900
batavia-stad, factory outlet shopping in style

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