Bruine Vloot (The Brown/charter Fleet)

Bruine Vloot (The Brown/charter Fleet) - Sailing trips on magnificent ships

The Dutch Wadden (The mud’s) and IJsselmeer (the former Zuyder Zee) are by far the places to be to enjoy Dutch nature and wildlife. Since ancient times these seas were sailed by the sail ships known as "Bruine Vloot". In the old days to transport cargo, yet nowadays anyone can sign on to sail along on these magnificent ships. Covers the almost 400 vessels of the charter fleet (the 'bruine vloot'), which make sailing trips with groups of holiday-makers, and also regularly settle on the mud flats.

Stop at old fishing towns of Medemblik, Hoorn and Enkhuizen where the old houses dominate, the large traditional sailing ships are moored and the people are friendly. Crossing the Afsluitdijk and entering Fryslan, stopping for dinner in Harlingen, a port which serves the ferry to some of the islands north and also harbors a large ‘Bruine Vloot” (Brown fleet of traditional sailing ships).

Bruine Vloot (The Brown/charter Fleet) is specialized in organizing sailing trips with traditional ships both on the "IJsselmeer (the former Zuyder Zee)" and "the Wadden". Fleet consists of more than twenty ships which are all restored fishingboats like Botters, Kotters, Klippers and Tjalken. Apart from weekendpackages and short trips they have also ships available for daytrips from 10 to 150 persons and for lagre groups a brown fleet of more ships at the same time. Departure normally takes place in harbours around the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee. Find the collection of traditional ships from which you can choose at the Bruine Vloot:

Isis sip of Bruine Vloot (The Brown/charter Fleet)
The Wadden Sea islands are a popular holiday destination. More than half of all Dutch nationals have visited an island at least once, in many cases during a family holiday. It is still the case that most visitors arrive for a long holiday. You can walk to shore, or at least around the ship. The next morning the ship sets sail for the Zuiderzee, also known as the IJsselmeer, using the sluice of Kornwerderzand and on the way back to Harlingen you will see the picturesque town of Makkum. The Dutch Wadden and IJsselmeer (the former Zuyder Zee) trip can be booked almost every weekend during the summer season.

Bruine Vloot (The Brown/charter Fleet) also offer you several sorts of catering. In Medemblik, there are three local ports: Oosterhaven, Western Basin and Pekelharinghaven. Enjoy around Medemblik by cycling, hiking or sailing. Medemblik has modern marina facilities with a sailing Centre, the Regatta Center Medemblik.

Sailing trips with the Spes Mea

The Spes Mea is a seafaring tjalk, publicly available for, among others, group sailing trips on the Wadden Seas and the Lake IJssel. The ship is available to rent for an unforgettable sailing trip to, for example, the isles of Friesland, with no sailing experience whatsoever required. The skipper and mate will ease you in and familiarize you with the vessel. Below deck feature excellent accomodations for any group consisting of up to 20 people.

This flat-bottomed sailing ship, part of the so-called ''Bruine Vloot'' (The Brown Fleet), is popularly used by many for sailing trips to the Wadden Isles and the Lake IJssel cities during their holidays. The ship can be rented out for a 7-day period, a midweek sailing trip, a weekend sailing trip or a one day trip, setting sail from its home port of Harlingen. The Spes Mea is highly suitable for anny work trips, school trips, staff outings or family outings you may desire. More Info:

Hoge Wier

The Hoge Wier is one of the fastest clippers in Holland. The ship wins many sailing matches of the ‘bruine vloot’ on the Markermeer, IJsselmeer (the former Zuyder Zee), and Wadden Sea. The matches have their departures in Muiden, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Monnickendam, Harlingen, Hoorn, and Workum. More Info:

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