Carillon Tower, Edam

Carillon Tower, Edam

The carillon tower is all that remains of a late gothic church in the small town of Edam. This famous carillon tower is the oldest clockwork in the Netherlands. The gray sky and (loud) crows give this tower an ominous feeling, but it is really a beautiful, majestic, old structure. The Speeltoren (Carillon Tower) from 1561 tilts a bit and was very nearly lost when the church to which it belonged was destroyed.

History of Carillon Tower

Records suggest that the Church of Our Dear Lady was present on the site since 1350 and its tower dates from the 15th and 16th centuries. Though the church was demolished in 1882 the late Gothic Carillon tower survives. In 1972 the tower threatened to fall, but it was shored up with steel girders and subsequently completely restored. The bells, protruding from the open lantern, were made by Pieter van den Ghein in 1566 and still ring out a short melody every 15 minutes. This melody may be varied for example typical St Nicholas songs ring out on December 5th. These days it houses the Association for the Conservation of the IJsselmeer.

Edam carillon tower is all that remains of a late gothic church in the small town of Edam

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