Castle or Museum Sypesteyn in Nieuw Loosdrecht

Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn in Nieuw Loosdrecht.

The valuable art collection which was collected by Esquire C.H.C.A. van Sypesteyn (1857 - 1937) forms the basis for Castle/Museum Sypesteyn. In addition to the collection of portraits, furniture, silver and glass objects, clocks and sculptures, there is a fine porcelain collection. Admirers of castles, gardens and old art cannot afford to miss a visit to Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn in Nieuw Loosdrecht.

A castle turned art gallery and museum, Sypesteyn was reconstructed in the early 1900s on the foundations of a late-medieval manor house destroyed about 1580. Today it holds some 80 paintings dating from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, representing the work of artists such as Paulus Moreelse, Nicolaes Maes, and Michiel van Mierevelt. Particularly the Loosdrecht porcelain has a good reputation. The esquire had the castle built not only to house his art treasures, but also to honour his forefathers. The garden and park have been laid out in the 17th century style. The surroundings of the castle, situated near a river and lakes, add to your enjoyment.

The history of the castle is unusual, to say the least. It was built at the start of the twentieth century from old building materials, such as Roman brick and antique doors, as a memorial to the Van Sypesteyn family, who is reported to have lived in an old castle situated on the exact same spot. The originator of this romantic ideal was the last male descendant in the line, Jonkheer C.H.C.A. van Sypesteyn who died in 1937 without leaving an heir.

This romantic castle is also loved by wedding-couples. The marriage-ceremony can take place in an 17th century environment on Friday or Saturday. The pictures can be taken in the museum and the gardens. The guest can follow a tour. And the wedding cake can be cut in the tea-room. The tea-room in the cellars of the castle extends onto the castle terrace in good weather. The caterer can also provide meals or high tea for groups.

Kasteel-Museum Sypesteyn
Nieuw Loosdrechtsedijk 150
1231 LC Loosdrecht
Tel: (+31) 035 5823208
Fax: (+31) 023-5340093
Website: (English not available yet)
Castle or Museum Sypesteyn in Nieuw Loosdrecht in the province Utrecht

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