The collection of Bonnefanten museum In Maastricht

The collection of Bonnefanten museum In Maastricht

1) Old Masters

2) Collection of contemporary art

The development history of the Bonnefantenmuseum’s internationally-oriented collection of modern and contemporary art is still a young one. The collection of contemporary art can be split into three parts.

Paintings, sculptures & ensembles from 1980

Prominent artists of American minimal art and Italian Arte Povera dominate this basic collection, and form a frame of reference for the more recent acquisitions. In its collection policy, the museum does not concentrate on specific media – there is more than just painting and sculpture – but takes as its basis the powerful individual positions assumed by artists. Some prominent ensembles have been formed in recent years. After each exhibition, the museum tries to acquire one or more works from the artist concerned.

Jeanne and Charles Vandenhove Collection

At the end of 2006, the museum received the long-term loan of the extensive collection of the Jeanne and Charles Vandenhove Foundation. The collection contains works by internationally renowned artists, such as Kiefer, Nitsch, Tapies, Warhol and many others.

Limburg Seminal Collection

In 2000, an inventory of ‘100 years of art in Limburg’ was completed, and the ‘Limburg Seminal Collection’ was presented, with works by Limburg artists from the period 1870-1970.

The museum also houses a number of smaller collections, including Maastricht earthenware and silver, Limburg archeological finds, Maastricht pottery and Maasland statues. There is a gift shop, art library and Grand Café on site.

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