Connekt, Netherlands

Connekt, Netherlands

Connekt is an independent network of companies and government agencies, linking stakeholders to achieve sustainable improvements in mobility in the Netherlands. Connecting members and sharing knowledge, skills and initiatives are the top priority at the Connekt network. The aim is to use pre-competitive collaborations to develop markets for companies and to implement policies for authorities effectively.

The members of the Advisory Council advise Connekt’s executive board on the organisation’s strategy. Connekt’s management supervises the organisation’s functioning and has a critical attitude with regard to the delivered quality. The executive board appoints the management. The management, Nico Anten, is responsible for implementing policy.

ITS Netherlands, a co-operation organisation, fills the need for structural and action-based consultation between the main parties concerned, focusing on current ITS issues and subject areas. ITS Netherlands was established in 1996 and in 1999, together with CTT and PB-IVVS, it was linked as programme to Connekt.

Connekt pays continual attention to current mobility related issues and particularly focuses on ITS, logistics and public transport. Since mobility problems are increasingly solved within an international setting, Connekt maintains contacts with various traffic and transport organisations in other countries. These include ERTICO, ITS Nationals Network, UITP and the European Commission.

As a network organisation, Connekt organises a range of activities in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and cooperation between members throughout the year. Connekt is funded by its members for this type of activity and also carries out specific projects put forward by the members. The co-operation with other organisations is of vital importance to Connekt. Below is a list of these organisations:


Location and Contact:
Kluyverweg 6
2629 HT Delft
Postbus 48
2600 AA Delft
Tel: 015 - 251 65 65
Fax: 015 - 251 65 99

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