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Day Tickets - Getting Holland By Public Transport

If you visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague for the day, you benefit most from a one-day travel card valid on all public transport. A special 'Strippen Card' with eight strips (EUR 6.40) entitles you to tour these cities by tram, bus or subway for a whole day and night. For two of these 8-strippen cards you can tour the whole country by bus for a day.

These ‘general’ day tickets are available from tram and bus drivers, and at underground stations.

If you want to spend more days in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague, your best buy is the local card for (all means of) public transport.

  1 day 2 days 3 days
Amsterdam EUR 5.3 EUR 8 EUR 10.13
Rotterdam EUR 6.40 EUR 9.6 EUR 12.78
The Hague EUR 5.3 EUR 8.66 EUR 10.8
The Hague and Delft EUR 6.9 EUR 10.13 EUR 12.78

In Amsterdam also 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 day tickets can be bought.

Local day tickets can be purchased both individually and in bulk from:

Please note that bus connections are often slower and more complicated, when covering long distances, than train connections. For lots of tips for a day out in Amsterdam without aggro, visit

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