Mill De Twiskemolen (Twiske-mill), Landsmeer

De Twiskemolen (Twiske-mill), Landsmeer

“De Twiskemolen” (Twiske-mill) on the background is an octagonal binnenkruier (windmill of which the inside works is movable), build around 1578. In 1973-1974 it was put on its current place and since then it is put in operation regularly to drain the 650 hectare large Twiske-polder with its mortar, as under-draining of the polder Oostzaan. The mill stood in Barsingerhorn till the sixties of the last century (20th), where it drained the Hooglandspolder for a long time.

In 1967 the mill, which was being used as a residence the last couple of years, was pulled down and brought to Nieuw Vennep. The plan to rebuild it there didn’t go through. Nature park and recreation area het Twiske (The Twiske) is located in the northwest of Amsterdam. Currently the mill is now owned by the Noord-Holland Recreation Foundation or Twiske area Recreational Board and is open to the public.

It is possible a bicycle trip over Twiske mill from IJmuiden/Velserbroek through the Zaan region, Oostzaan, Landsmeer, Broek in Waterland towards the former island of Marken, since 1959 connected with the mainland by a dike. From Marken you can rent a boat to Volendam, and then by cycle via Edam, Jisp, the Zaan region, Beverwijk, IJmuiden/Velserbroek. A tour of 107 kilometers.

The recreation area is located between Twiske Amsterdam , Zaandam and Purmerend in Noord-Holland and consists of one third water. Besides recreation and waterfront , you can enjoy cycling or roller blading in the varied landscape of woods, meadows and nature reserves . Also opportunity for hiking , biking , swimming , rowing, canoeing , as well as golf , sailing and diving. Recreatie Noord-Holland NV is commissioned by the boards for the development, construction, management and maintenance of six recreation areas in Noord-Holland: The Twiske, Alkmaar and Uitgeestermeer, Geestmerambacht, Spaarnwoude, Landscape Waterland and Groengebied Amstelland in Noord-Holland.

More Details: Het Twiske Recreation Area, Zaan- Region


De Twiskemolen (Twiske-mill)
Het Luijendijkje 3
1121 LM, Landsmeer
Tel: 020-4822829, 0299 -681 947
Email: .

Twiske area Recreational Board
Het Twiske (The Twiske)
Noorderlaaik 1
1511 BX Oostzaan
T: 075 - 684 43 38

Noord-Holland Recreation Foundation (Recreatie Noord-Holland)
Genieweg 46 1981 LN Velsen-Zuid
Postbus 2571 2002 RB Haarlem
T: 023 - 520 28 20
“De Twiskemolen” (Twiske-mill) in Twiske Recreational area between Twiske Amsterdam , Zaandam and Purmerend in Noord-Holland
“De Twiskemolen” (Twiske-mill) in Twiske Recreational area between Twiske Amsterdam , Zaandam and Purmerend in Noord-Holland

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