Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology is a modern university with a rich tradition. Founded in 't842, Delft University of ïechnology is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive technical uníversity in the Netherlands. lts eight faculties are among the topmost of technological development, contributing to scientific advancement in the interests of society. Ranked among the top universities of technology in the world (THES, zooS) TU Delft's excellent research and education standards are backed by outstanding facilities, research institutes and research schools.

Located in Delft, this public institute is the largest technical university in the Netherlands. It is a member of an alliance of Europe's five leading universities of technology, known as the IDEA League. TU Delft, the Dutch name for which is “Technische Universiteit Delft”, offers enrollment to more than 14,000 students every year. Undergraduate programs leading to B.Sc. degrees, graduate programs leading to M.Sc. degrees, and several doctorate programs are offered by this university.

TU Delft recognizes valorisation of knowledge as an important part of íts strategy and maintains close línks with (inter)natíonal industry, a strategic alliance beneficial for the relevance of its research, academic programmes and career Prospects íor íts graduates- All educational programmes encourage creative and independent thinking and focus on problem solving. Ïhe student body is comprised of about a hundred nationalities. The university has partnerships with more than thirty leading universities all over the world, enablíng students and researchers to increase their international experience through cooperation and exchange. TU Delft is also a member of the prestigious IDEA league of five leading engineering universities in Europe (lU Delft, lmperial College London, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen and ParisTech).

Delft's multidisciplinary Delft Research lnitiatives tackle present and future challenges faced by society, industry and policy-makers. Each lnitiave conducts top-level research and clusters the knowledge and expertise of scientists from different disciplines. Working together, they develop integrated solutions. Covering four focus areas, energy, mobility & inírastructures, health and envorinment, their common feature is excellence. Our research schools include the famous Delft lnstitute of Microelectronics and Submicron Technology (DIMES) and the Kavili lnstitute ofNanoscience, both pursuing cutting edge research as one oíthe leaders within its discipline.

A fascination for science, design and engineering is the common denominator driving the 13,000 bachelor and master students and the 5000 employees of TU Delft. Delft University of Technology is not only the oldest, but also the largest university of technology of the Netherlands: a university constantly seeking outstanding talent to keep the research and education of this unique institution top-ranked.

During its existence many prominent engineers and scientists were either affiliated with, or educated at TU Delft, including Nobel laureates Jacobus van 't Hoff, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and Simon van der Meer. TU Delft is a member of many university federations including IDEA League, CESAER, UNITECH and 3TU. It ranks amongst the top universities in the world in the field of technology according to the THE-QS World University Rankings (known from 2010 onwards as the QS World University Rankings) and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

TU Delft cooperates with many other educational and research institutions, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The high quality of our research and teaching is renowned. TU Delft has numerous contacts with governments, trade associations, consultancies, industry and small and medium-sized companies.


Aerospace Engineering; Applied Sciences; Architecture; Civil Engineering and Ceosciences; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science; lndustrial Design Engineering; Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering; Technology, Policy and Management.

Central Library Of Delft University of Technology

 Central Library Of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
The library is designed for the Delft University of Technology (also known as TU Delft). It is the central library for the campus and is located across from an auditorium that was built in 1966 by Van Den Broek & Bakema. The design of the auditorium was considered a brutalist style, because it is an awkward looking building that resembles a giant frog according to Mecanoo.

Instead of designing a building that contrasts this eye-catching auditorium, Mecanoo designed the library as a sloped plane, extending the grass from the ground to the very edge of the roof. Around the cone, there is a skylight that provides lighting for the interior and also helps highlight the cone from the interior.

Location and Contact:
Central Library
Delft University of Technology
Prometheusplein 1, Delft The Netherlands
For more information about the library and its opening hours please visit Also visit the architect's web site at


Delfi-C3 - the first nanosatellite student project from the Delft University of Technology
Delfi-C3 is the first nanosatellite student project from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. For the past decade, satellite design has been an important discipline at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. A major change of the predominantly theoretical nature of the satellite projects came into being in 2004, with the completion of an in-house Class 100.000 Clean Room. Along with equipment in laboratories located at the faculty of Electrical Engineering, this facility enables Delft University to not only design, but to produce and assemble a small student satellite in house as well.The satellite is based on the CubeSat concept and a number of novel technologies will be tested on board the satellite:

This project is primarily run from the Space Systems Engineering and Microelectronics departments. Besides the technical mission objectives, the Delfi-C3 project has educational objectives as well. Delfi-C3 is a Master’s Thesis project, its main educational objective is to provide MSc students as a team the opportunity to gain hands-on interdisciplinary engineering experience with the design and realization of both mission and systems of a satellite by providing a challenging real-world application

Location and Contact:
Delfi-C3 Team
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Delft University of Technology
Visiting Address: Kluyverweg 1, 2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands
Mail address: P.O. Box 5058, 2600 GB Delft, The Netherlands
General email address:
Official seal of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

Location and Contact of Delft University of Technology

TU Delft
Visiting Address: Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft, The Netherlands
Postal address: Postbus 5, 2600 AA Delft, The Netherlands
Phone no: 015 27 89111
Fax: 015 27 81855

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