Directions to Medemblik Regatta Center

Racing Regatta, Medemblik

Route to harbour Regatta Center, Medemblik is a medieval town, with some very small roads. In order to restrict the traffic inconvenience for the people of Medemblik or if you are arriving with a boat please start following the white road signs to the recreation site Vooroever (later on follow: harbour Regatta Center Medemblik) before entering the town of Medemblik.

The event takes place at the International Sailing Center Medemblik (ISCM), Vooroever 1, 1671 SG Medemblik. The ISCM is located in the harbour of the Regatta Center Medemblik on the shore of the IJselmeer, outside of the dikes. Coming from the south on the A7, you best follow the earlier exit 10a Abbekerk in stead of exit Medemblik. The registration office and the Regatta Office are also located at this address.
Regatta Center Medemblik map

Coming from Amsterdam

You will find the Regatta Center in approximately 500 meters on your right hand side
Route to harbour Regatta Center Medemblik

Coming from Friesland

You will find the Regatta Center in approximately 500 meters on your right hand side
Directions to Medemblik Regatta Office around ijsselmeer.JPG

Regatta Center: International Sailing Center Medemblik (ISCM)

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