Leiden, Netherlands (Holland) Business Directory

Black Holes

Black Holes Black Holes B.V. was established by Professor Frans von der Dunk in 2007 in order to accommodate the growing need for professional advise on...
Address: Black Holes
Witte Singel 85 2311 BP

Cosine Research

Cosine Research Cosine is a contract research company devoted to developing solutions for problems with a high scientific and technological profile. The company is...
Address: Cosine Research
Niels Bohrweg 11 2333 CA

Dutch Space

Dutch Space Dutch Space B.V. is the largest space company in the Netherlands and a well-known supplier for the international space industry. Dutch Space stands...
Address: Dutch Space
Mendelweg 30 2333 CP

SpaceNed (Association of Space companies in The Netherlands)

SpaceNed SpaceNed is the Association of Space companies in The Netherlands, rebranded from NISO in 2009. The objective of SpaceNed is to strengthen the...
Address: SpaceNed
Mendelweg 30 2333 CS


Terma Terma develops and markets high-tech solutions, systems, and products for civilian and military applications. Terma A/S headquarters are located in...
Address: Terma
Schuttersveld 9 2316 XG

Dural Tours

Dural Tours Dural Tours is committed to the utmost for you and your party a great holiday. Unfortunately, in some cases, nevertheless, that not everything runs...
Address: Dural Tours
Citrusweg 12 2321 KD


Groepswijzer.nl Groepswijzer.nl offers guided tours for groups in Leiden, Delft and Haarlem in English, French, German and even Chinese! In addition to the tours we...
Address: Groepswijzer.nl
Gooimeerlaan 1b 2316JZ

Riksja Travel

Rickshaw Online Rickshaw Online Began at the start of the new millennium 2000. ITS Internet had made big breakthrough and yet an internet travel agency was still a...
Address: Riksja Travel
Pompoenweg 9 NL-2321 DK

Leiden Water Tours

Leiden Water Tours Leiden Water Tours is a small company in an open boat, including skipper / guide, boat trips through the beautiful canals and canals of Leiden...
Address: Leiden Water Tours
Annie Romeinsingel 134 2331ST

Schuitje Vaart (Boat Cruise)

Schuitje Vaart (Boat Cruise) With 'Schuitje Vaart' are individually or in groups, a cruise or to transport you from one place to another with one of the two canal boats: a large...
Address: Schuitje Vaart
Stille Mare 2312DH

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