Dutch breakfast

Start your day with a wholesome Dutch breakfast: fresh bread with butter, jam, cheese, ham or chocolate sprinkles (hagelslag). Yes, you’ve read it correctly: Scatter chocolate sprinkles on your buttered bread. You might also want to eat a slice of Breakfast cake (ontbijtkoek), a cake containing cinnamon and cloves as well as ground ginger. Be sure to drink lots of coffee or tea! Get yourself ready for the chilly rain, strong wind, wet snow storm or radiant sunny day. The Dutch climate is full of whimsical surprises.

10:30 a.m.... time for a cup of coffee

At 10:30 a.m. it’s time for the traditional cup of coffee. "A cup of coffee" is not just a cup of coffee in Holland. The small, but strong, cup is to be savored while reading the newspaper or conversing at length with friends. Coffee is given as much time and consideration as a full meal! It is served and "observed" everywhere: at home, at the office, in shops or at school.

For breakfast, the Dutch used to eat porridge, followed by a sandwich. Nowadays, porridge has largely disappeared from the menu, or has been replaced by cereals or muesli. Most people now tend to eat sandwiches with various fillings for breakfast. And traditional Dutch produce is favoured - cheese, and cold meats, followed by peanut butter, jam and chocolate vermicelli. Used in other countries for decorating cakes and puddings, the Dutch have found that these little bits of chocolate make perfect sandwiches.

Eleven o' clock is coffee-time - usually accompanied by a piece of boterkoek, a speculaasje or a cake.

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