Dutch Fietsberaad (Bicycle Council), Netherlands

Dutch Fietsberaad (Bicycle Council), Netherlands

Fietsberaad is an expertise centre for cycling policy. The objective of Fietsberaad is the development, dissemination and exchange of practical knowledge and experience for cycling policy. It aims to be the portal for cycling knowledge worldwide, in order to promote cycling as an everyday means of transport. You find news, reports and examples on bicycling in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Let it be no secret that the Dutch are world class promoters of cycling. Not only the Fietsersbond - the Dutch cycling federation - but also cities and towns are constantly promoting cycling as a way of life and a feasible, acceptable form of transport. They do so even though the country enjoys a massive number of daily cyclists. They still produce campaigns that encourage people to cycle. It's much like producing campaigns showing the benefits of snow and ice for the Inuit populations in Canada and Greenland. I never cease to be amazed at how the Dutch do it or the fact that they keep on doing it. And all without fear-mongering, overcomplicating a simple issue or finger-wagging. Here in Denmark, our car-centric Road Safety Council dominates the fear market. In Holland they are selling public health, societal values and everything good about cycling. The national Fietsberaad, or Bicycle Council, has produced a pdf document about the variety of pro-cycling campaigns in the country.

The Fietsberaad is a government organisation made up of experts in design with representatives from cities and organisations around the Netherlands. Fietsberaad closely works for Bicycle plans, Integrated traffic plans, Support and organisation, Benchmarking and evaluation, Networks and principal routes, Barriers, Stretches of road, Intersections, Comfort and maintenance, Signposting, Sustainably safety, Children safety, Social safety, Foreign safety, Promoting bicycle use, Bicycle parking, policy and systems, Bicycle Theft, Distances and bicycle use, Urban planning, Bicycle use for general, Children, Elderly & Ethnic minorities, School transportation, Commuter traffic, Shopping, Recreational and tourist traffic, Chain transport, Bicycle streets and mixed traffic, Bicycle lanes and bike paths, Right-of-way intersections, Roundabouts, The cycling policies of other European cycling cities, Traffic lights, Multi-level solutions.. etc

Projects and Studies:

Each report provides a specific picture of the course of development of bicycle use in a town and the relation between bicycle use and local policies. These concerns five Dutch cities well-known in the Netherlands for their bicycle use: Groningen, Amsterdam, Enschede, Zwolle and Veenendaal. Five other cities have been selected from neighbouring countries that also have a sizeable level of bicycle use: Münster and Freiburg in Germany, Copenhagen and Odense in Denmark and Ghent in Belgium.

According to Fietsberaad - The best Dutch bicycle towns are Groningen, Houten, Amsterdam, Delft, Zwolle, Utrecht, Tilburg, Veenendaal, Apeldoorn, Enschede, Nijmegen, Zutphen, Drachten and Raalte. Prepare an excursion to the Netherlands or pay a virtual visit and get information about cycling policy, measures and services in the best Dutch cycle towns. If you are preparing a visit to the Netherlands and need some assistance or useful addresses, contact with our intenational co-ordinator might be helpful. Please sent us your requests a couple of weeks in advance (e.g. 4 - 6 weeks).

Location and Contact:
Visiting address: Leeuwenstein building, Jaarbeursplein 15, Utrecht
Mailing adress: Postbus 24051, 3502 MB Utrecht
Phone: +31(0)30 - 291 82 00
Email: inte...@fietsberaad.nl
Website: http://www.fietsberaad.nl/index.cfm?lang=en
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