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Dutch Space

Dutch Space B.V. is the largest space company in the Netherlands and a well-known supplier for the international space industry. Dutch Space stands for high quality products and experienced and passionate people. Since July 2006, Dutch Space is fully owned by EADS Astrium, and operating as a subsidiary within Astrium Satellites' Business Division Subsystems and Equipments. The company, originally started in 1968 as a member of the Fokker group, was established as an independent company in 1995, and has nowadays about 210 employees. Main activities are in the field of Solar Arrays, Launcher Structures, Verification & Simulation, Descent & Landing, and Instruments...


Dutch Space has a vast reputation in Europe and beyond with regard to its Solar Array capabilities. The solar array program experience ranges from science to earth observation to telecommunication and deep space applications. Dutch Space is a leading solar array manufacturer for spacecraft which is clearly demonstrated through a 100 % successful deployment score for all 60 launches!

Since the early days Dutch Space is contributing to the success of the European launcher Ariane through a close involvement in the Ariane launcher development and production program (in cooperation with Stork Fokker). For Ariane 1 through 4, Dutch Space was responsible for the design, analyses and manufacture of different components and structures like the third engine frame. For Ariane 5 the Dutch Space responsibility covers the very complex and innovative large Engine Frame of the Vulcain motor as well as the engine frame of the second stage. Several flight sets have been ordered (of which 50 were delivered by mid 2008) while a new contract for another 35 sets will be awarded in the course of 2008.

Dutch Space is also involved in the new European small launcher development Vega, being responsible for development and production of the interstage 1-2. In preparation of future reusable space transportation systems, Dutch Space has been working on the design and development of hot control surfaces and thermal protection systems.

In the field of Instruments for Science, Earth Observation and Exploration Dutch Space is co-operating intensively with its Dutch partners SRON and TNO, as well as with KNMI, the Dutch meteorological institute. In the field of Earth Observation instruments, Dutch Space has gained considerable experience due to its leading role for Sciamachy, a world-class trace-gas monitoring system flying on Envisat. The first derivative was the OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) which has successfully been operating on the NASA platform Aura, since 2004. Building on this heritage and world class reputation Dutch Space and its instrument partners are now heavily involved in the preparation of a Dutch led TROPOMI instrument mission (as part of Sentinel 5 Precursor) for climate research and atmospheric monitoring.

Over the past decade Dutch Space has become a specialist in advanced robotics technology through its role as prime contractor for the development, production and support of the ERA (European Robotic Arm), an 11 meter long, stand-alone space robot which is to be operated in space as part of the International Space Station (ISS).

Dutch Space has delivered simulation systems for a number of customers within the space community, but also for non-space application, including Training Simulators. In particular, the expertise in real-time simulation has been made accessible to the industry via the EuroSim software package.

Dutch Space is currently paving the way to position itself as a satellite platform integrator through a prime role in CX2, the small innovative spacecraft for geostationary and deep space missions.

Technology transfer to markets outside the Space perimeter is applied in for example descent & landing systems and embedded training systems for terrestrial or military applications (specific examples are the Embedded Training system for the Joint Strike Force (JSF), Smart Parafoil Delivery System (SPADES)), and contributions to the ITER fusion reactor program.

In other words, at Dutch Space you can expect Impassioned Ideas & Sensible Solutions!

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