Dutch Speciality Dining

For many of you, asparagus is an accompaniment, used in salads, soups, or quiches. But in the "white asparagus" areas of Holland, and for seven short weeks, it is a main meal in itself and is served warm, with potatoes, slices of ham or pieces of salmon, and hard-boiled eggs with lots of melted butter. Know more . . . Asparagus - "White Gold"

Dutch pea soup is a meal in itself, full of fresh winter vegetables and chunks of bacon and sausage. A simple accompaniment of a few slices of dark rye bread is enough. Know more . . . Dutch Pea Soup

The Indonesian rice table, invented by Dutch colonists, consists of rice and several hot and cold side dishes of meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, pickles, nuts, etc. Know more . . . Indonesian Food by Dutch.

Mussels are usually cooked by steaming them on a bed of fresh vegetables in white, wine and eaten with French bread or French fries. There are many other ways of preparing mussels, all to be tasted at restaurants throughout the country. Know more . . . Mussels - Straight from Mother Nature

The Dutch see the New Year in with an ear-shattering bang! All over the country fireworks are let off at midnight and toasts are drunk with champagne. Know more Oliebollen - Celebrating the New Year in Holland

Although calorie-counting has hit Holland, the Dutch remain attached to their traditional and filling winter dishes, including stamppot, a meal made of mashed potatoes and vegetables. This is often served as a complete family meal with braised meats as they provide the gravy. Know more . . . Stamppot (Hodge-podge)

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