Dutch Traditional Heusden

At the end of World War II the town of Heusden was in bad shape. This town, which was fortified as long ago as the Eighty Years’ War, was heavily damaged. In 1968 restoration work on the entire town started. Not only on the fortifications with its eight bastions and city walls, but also on the 134 monumental houses. The harbor was also rebuilt.

As a part of this extensive restoration the 3 postmills, which, at one time, dominated the city’s skyline, were put back to where they once stood. The first mill was replaced in 1971, and with the replacing of the other two mills in 1973 and 1975 this town regained its unique appearance.

A stroll along the fortifications surrounding the city will take about an hour. That is, if you can tear yourself away from the wonderful sights, the unique views of this ancient city and the beautiful windmills.

Perhaps Heusden is one of the best kept secrets in Holland.

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