Dutch Traditional Kinderdijk

Dutch Tradiotional Kinderdijk In Holland, Netherlands

Together with the Zaanse Schans, Kinderdijk is probably one of the best known examples of the typical Dutch landscape. Pictures of this unique ‘windmill landscape’ are featured in every book of photographs on Holland.

At Kinderdijk, 18 windmills are lined up in two rows opposite each other. The 9 round brick windmills on one side drained the Nederwaard. On the opposite side, the 9 octagon windmills kept the Overwaard from being flooded.

During the months of July and August all these windmills operate each Saturday, and sometimes also on other days. Make sure you don’t forget to bring your camera. When these windmills are in operation, they are a spectacular sight which will take you back 250 years.
A visit to some of these windmills will also give you a good impression of how the millers and their families lived.

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