Dutch Traditional Schiedam

Dutch Traditional Schiedam In Holland, Netherlands

This city in South Holland has always been the center of the ‘genever’ (Dutch gin) industry. For the stilling of genever large amounts of rye and malt were needed. It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that the ‘Society of Distillers’ used to own 19 of these stilling mills.

Because these mills were built in the city they needed quite a bit of height to catch sufficient wind. Of the original nineteen mills only five remain today, which happen to be the highest ones. The mills ‘De Noord’ (The North) and ‘De Vrijheid’ (The Freedom) are the highest two windmills in the world, measuring over 33 meters.

Windmill ‘De Nieuwe Palmboom’ (The New Palm Tree) is open to the public and is a stilling mill. It also houses the National Flour Mill Museum.

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