Edam Museum, Edam

Edam Museum, Edam

On the other side of the Dam is Edam's oldest brick house, built in or around 1530 as a private house and converted to a museum in 1895. This step gable gets its late gothic character from the use of natural stone, the profile of the pinnacles and its asymmetry. The house represents typical Dutch construction of the period, and the internal layout is completely original. The house has a deeper kitchen with mezzanine living quarters above it. The kitchen leads to a floating cellar; a brick box room floating freely on ground water. You can see inside the typical construction of this type of Dutch house i.e. a very heavy oak skeleton consisting of uprights, main beams supported by corbel blocks, or brackets, key pieces and smaller cross beams. According to folklore the cellar was built by a sea captain who missed the sea. However, it is more likely that cellar was built simply to keep the contents dry, while at the same time not requiring water-proof foundations.

Edam Museum - Edam's oldest brick house converted to museum

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