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English Just 4 Kids

English Just 4 Kids English Just 4 Kids teaches English to children of 2-18 years in a playful way. Teaching materials formed On the basis of current issues, which children like it. Travel and everyday language be used to the language recognizably. The important thing is that young children should love it to use as foreign language. Where we work with the children: -Preschools -Day Nurseries -...

Zoo Bizar

Zoo Bizar Zoo bizar is a mini-zoo, creative set up on the part of an old Saksische farm in Orvelte museumdorp. It is the smallest Zoo in The Netherlands, and perhaps even Europe! In original manner there are several small (exotic) species to admire. By the small setup it is always possible to see face-to-face the animals who live there. Many of the animals are housed in the open. There...


CREA CREA is the cultural student centre of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), and it's the place to take courses for cheap. Want to learn how to dance, hip hop style? How to take cool pictures and edit them in Photoshop? How to write poetry? Look no further. Courses start at €80.


Whether you want absolute fluency or simply to decipher menus and street signs, the INTT has the appropriate course, and you can pick from many different schedules to suit your routine. The courses tend to be quite sociable, so offer a good way to meet a variety of international Amsterdam residents. A place at the UvA entitles you to impressive discounts.

The Book Exchange (Book Store)

The Book Exchange The more traditionally minded student should try this old-fashioned, second-hand English-language bookshop close to campus, well stocked in philosophy, history and fiction. US-born owner Jeff Stone has an impressive mental database and is eager to show you round the well-worn, loved collection and, as the name suggests, he'll buy back too. Opening Times: Monday-Saturday: 10:... (Online Store) (Online Store) This Dutch version of is a goldmine for study books and hard-to-find texts. And when you're done, the mass of online prospective buyers arguably makes this the most effective place to sell too.

Athenaeum Boekhandel

Athenaeum Boekhandel Its links to the universities mean they'll have the books you're after, often with areas dedicated to UvA's syllabuses. Not the cheapest, but certainly the most convenient. Open Mon 11.00-18.00; Tue-Sat 09.30-18.00, Thur until 21.00; Sun 12.00-17.30.

English Reformed Church

English Reformed Church The main place of worship for the local English-speaking community hosts several concerts each month featuring chamber groups, choirs and student ensembles.

Institut Francais des Pays-Bas

'It's a little version of Paris right here' Few words from the students of "Institut Francais des Pays-Bas" Neeltje de Gruyter Originally from Haarlem ‘I’m a lawyer and I studied in Paris at the Sorbonne based on Erasmus Exchange. I came back and started my career here, but I missed the French language so I began to receive it again with courses last year. This is the most...

The American Book Center

The American Book Center The American Book Center is one of the largest sources of English languages book in Europe. They are located on the beautiful Spui square. Drop by for a great selection of books and magazines. The Book Center specializes in urban culture, graphic design, fashion, sci-fi / fantasy, graphic novels, business, history & psychology. These booksellers are a favourite among...


Colors Adjacent to the De Regenboog drop-in centre for the homeless and recently re-housed, this affiliated workshop offers its students a hot meal at lunchtime and the chance to acquire a new skill in the form of candle making. All day long, happy crafters can be seen pouring fluorescent molten wax into a variety of distinctive moulds. The brightly coloured results are worthy of any...


with various packages available. Dive into this outdoor, hour-long, kick-butt workout led by Lorna Wilson. All fitness levels are welcome and, as a bonus, the first class is free. Prices from €5.50 up

Yoga Classes at ABC Treehouse

Do some seriously intense evening-stretching with this ongoing, drop-in Yoga class. Angela Tait will help test your physical limits for injury-free awareness and inner peace. Bring your own mat Hours: 18.30- 19.45 Price: €10 per class/€85 for a ten-class card

Zwierige Penseel (Sweeping brush)

Zwierige Penseel (Sweeping brush) Since 1982, a sweeping brush institute for arts education. Techniques Oil, watercolor and porcelain painting classes and workshops are offered. For groups and companies are also special workshops as possible. Also hanging in a gallery exhibition of graceful Brush J. Brunnekreeft. See the latest portraits and landscapes in oils. Art Gallery Permanent exhibition of Jenneke...

Kinderboekenmuseum (Children's Museum)

Kinderboekenmuseum (Children's Museum) Papira is an adventure exploring the world of children and their own imagination. Children fight Ink corrosion that threatens this literary paradise. Armed with their imagination and a Slurper they go on adventures. Their mission is to create as many new stories; because the more stories there are the harder it is Ink corrosion. Play the best games and dream away in the meadow...
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