Enkhuizen City and Its Local Highlights

Enkhuizen City and Its Local Highlights

During the Netherlands’ Golden Century the favorable location of Enkhuizen on today’s IJsselmeer inland lake results in its development into flourishing sea port and fishing centre. However, the many wars in the following centuries caused poverty in the region - and the decline of the trade and fishing sectors. Horticulture becomes more important, and the construction of the Enkhuizen- Amsterdam railway contributes to Enkhuizen’s development into a centre for seed trade and seed cultivation.

Enkhuizen is a city rich in art and culture. It is modern and at the same time it has its own historical-cultural atmosphere. This makes town walks definitely worth your while. Enkhuizen, situated on the IJsselmeer and traversed by numerous canals, ranks as one of the prettiest towns in the Netherlands. Nowadays, Enkhuizen continues the maritime tradition and has one of the largest marinas of the Netherlands. At Enkhuizen there is a busy lock in the dyke that leads to Lelystad, used a great deal by vessels of the 'brown fleet', the flotilla of old wooden boats. Enkhuizen is the home port of many vessels of the 'brown fleet'.

To protect the city against the often violent sea and enemy invasion two walls were built in the 16th and 17th century. Called "The Sea wall" and "the Vesting wall". The Enkhuizerzand is the beach in Enkhuizen, a nice view on the boats and the IJsselmeer. The dijk is best described as the promenade of Enkhuizen. The Zuiderhavendijk is one of the first harbours in the Netherlands. Most of Amsterdam was based on this design. The Wilhelmina plantsoen was opend by and named after queen Wilhelmina in 1936. Plantsoen is Dutch for park. The Venedie has several restaurants with terrace. In the winter this area is used for ice skating. The Kaasmarkt offers a few bars and discos.
Enkhuizen triangle
A well preserved city in The Netherlands granted its city-rights in 1355. In the 16th and 17th century the city prospered, mainly due to trading by the East and West-Indies Company. Of wich peroiod many structures remain. There are quite a lot of monuments in Enkhuizen. The Westerstraat is the main shopping street of Enkhuizen.

Classic Dutch canals bridges and harbours. Enkhuizen is the largest Dutch port for traditional sailing recreation. The Snouckvanloosen family left us a lot of amazing structures, among which this park they had build for their workers. In the Breedstraat remain a lot of well renovated monuments.

The fascinating VOC (Dutch East India Company) stories behind the well-known ‘Drommedaris’ tower, for instance, are endlessly captivating. And what about the unique Zuiderzeemuseum? Everyone can map out a route to their own taste. Visit one of the Churches, the Enkhuizer Almanak Museum (Enkhuizen Almanac Museum) , Museum Steam Tram (Museumstoomtram) and the Flessenscheepjesmuseum (Bottle Ship Museum). A visit to the galleries and exhibitions in Enkhuizen will enthrall art lovers. With more than a hundred shops Enkhuizen is the shopping city of the region. Check all other Enkhuizen City Local Attractions at the bottom of this this page.

Public transportation

Enkhuizen has a railway station - Enkhuizen - which offers a direct service to Hoorn and Amsterdam, with the journey to Amsterdam Centraal of around an hour. Furthermore, during summer ferries for pedestrians and cyclists operate between Enkhuizen and Stavoren; between Enkhuizen and Medemblik; and between Enkhuizen and Urk.

Cycling tour: Den Oever – Medemblik – Enkhuizen

Cruise from Den Oever over the dike, along the IJsselmeer (former “Zuiderzee”) coast to Medemblik where you start your bike tour to Enkhuizen, a beautiful harbou and historically interesting town with the Zuiderzeemuseum.

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For more information please consult the Enkhuizen City local tourist office.
Historic Enkhuizen City

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