Excursion by sailing ship Marco van den Berg, Hoorn and Hoofdtoren

delightful evening sailing by Marco van den Berg, Hoorn and Hoofdtoren

Marco van den Berg provides a lovely evening sail on a traditional sailing ship and enjoy the excellent view, whatever you want! The ship will start from the port of Hoorn on the IJsselmeer and bring you back. Equipped with all modern facilities. You may ask for water sports. If you do not like water sports, but still you may sail one night cruise! Marco van den Berg company will in cooperation with the tourism authority organizes this delightful evening sailing on a traditional sailing ship. Contact tourist office to book your trip. Advance reservations required.
Boat trip between Hoorn & Hoofdtoren by Marco van den Berg
Name of the excursion: Avondzeilen met Marco van den Berg

Port of departure: Hoorn, Hoofdtoren

The cost of the package is EUR 37.50 per person for adults and EUR 15.00 per person for children up to 12 years.

Location and Contact:
Veemarkt 44
1621 JC Hoorn
Telephone: 0229-213586
Fax: 0229-215023
E-mail: i...@vvvhoorn.nl

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