Folk tales and legends - Golden Circle History

Folk tales and legends - Golden Circle History

Odd or amusing tales, dark forces, ghosts and voices. The Zuiderzee region has a wealth of mysterious tales to tell.

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The history of Holland has known numerous memorable events and happenings in which the Zuiderzee

Bibliography - Golden Circle History

Borman, R. Van Flevomeer tot IJsselmeer. Boonenburg, K. De Zuiderzee. Bosschier, Ph.M. en Heide, G.

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For many centuries, the Zuiderzee was the throbbing heart of Holland. Its turbulent waters brought

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The enclosure of the Zuiderzee The best defense against the turbulent sea is the attack. This is

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Jan Pieterszoon Coen This heartless Calvinist was born in 1587. He is considered to be the founding

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A rich widow from Stavoren in Friesland commanded a sea-going captain to bring her back "something
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