Gallery Wim Zwijsen, Hoorn

Gallery Wim Zwijsen, Hoorn

Wim Zwijsen is an artist interested in technical art and unusual techniques. He comes from a background as a technical draughtsman and applies these skills to his new art career. His gallery displays his works alongside those of several other modern artists, including gallery partner Helma van Kleinwee. Items on display include paintings, sculptures, and unusual objects such as ’art in a bottle’ – paintings inside bottles of white wine. Tours of the gallery and workshop are available with an appointment. The gallery is located in the heart of downtown, just minutes walk from the railway station.The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00 and on appointment. The Foundation also maintains following gallery:

Park Gallery

Park Gallery, Hoorn
The Foundation organizes the exhibitions at Gallery Park Theatre and Congress Park. The foundation consists of a group of enthusiastic art lovers. The Park Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 13.00 am to 17.00 pm.
The Park Theatre and Conference Centre (Schouwburg en Congrescentrum Het Park)
Westerdijk 4
1621 LE Hoorn
Tel: 0229 237820 for Wim Zwijsen Gallery

T Huys Church ('t Kerkhuys) Gallery

T Huys Church ('t Kerkhuys) Gallery, Spanbroek
this beautifully restored church is decorated as an exhibition space and is open during services and performances.
't Kerkhuys (T Huys Church)
Spanbroekerweg 37
Tel: 0226-35 14 32

Warehouse Theatre & Gallery (Pakhuis Galerie)

Warehouse Theatre & Gallery (Pakhuis Galerie), Hoorn
The foyer area is designed as an exhibition space and is open Monday to Saturday from 11.00 to 16.00 hours.
The Warehouse Theatre (Theater Het Pakhuis)
Onder de Boompjes 21

Location and Contact:

Gallery and Studio - Wim Zwijsen (Galerie Wim Zwijsen)

Mosterdsteeg 8
1621 HR Hoorn
T: 0229 219256

More info visit Galerie Wim Zwijsen website:
Studio - Wim Zwijsen, Hoorn

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