GeoBusiness, Netherlands

GeoBusiness, Netherlands

GeoBusiness promotes broad and intensive use of geo-information products and services by consumers, companies and government agencies. Under the watching eyes of 60 Dutch interested persons a new branche organization in the field of geo- informatics was born during the Dutch GIN Congress in Amsterdam on November 22, 2007, by a fusion of the VNBG and the BGI. Jurgen ten Siethof and Marc van Wees signed the merger deed, and the Geo-information Business Platform and the Association of Netherlands Geodetic Engineering and GeoInformation Companies went forward as GeoBusiness Netherlands.

Geo-Business Nederland, has not only the responsibility to promote and serve the interests of the member geo-informatic companies, but has the intention to raise the Dutch geo-informatic sector to a higher platform into the Dutch and European geo-informatic performance. Our appreciated colleague Wim van Pijkeren, commercial Manager at Arcadis Nederland b.v., and Dutch delegate in the CLGE, is also Executive Board Member in the Geo-Business Nederland.

GeoBusiness’s mission is straightforward: increase the success of its members by growing and improving the geo market. GeoBusiness aims for its members to operate in a market which is open, competitive and free from obstacles. This is the basis for the international success of Dutch geo-information companies. For these companies, GeoBusiness serves as a lobbying group and a network organization.

The well over 100 member companies - engineering companies, consulting agencies, surveying companies, data suppliers, and system and software developers - deliver products and/or services in the geo-information sector. GeoBusiness lobbies in the interest of its members and is a force to be reckoned with.

As for the relationship with Geo-Informatie Nederland (GIN), both GeoBusiness and GIN want the best for geo, but from different perspectives. GIN is all about a knowledge network for its professional members, many of whom work for a GeoBusiness member. But most members work for government; hence GIN takes a more neutral position in many issues (e.g. the open data discussion). In promoting geo, there is a strong overlap and they work together where possible.

Location and Contact
GeoBusiness Nederland
Postbus 401 | 3440 AK Woerden
Pompmolenlaan 7 | Woerden
Tel: 0348-493836

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