Getting Around Holland By Public Transport

Getting Holland By Public Transport

Holland by Bus

Holland’s network of buses and trams serves both urban and regional districts of Amsterdam. The Hague and Rotterdam have trams and Amsterdam and Rotterdam have underground trains as well. Services in these cities start at around 6 a.m. and end around midnight. Holland's network of buses and trams serves both urban and regional districts. Most services start at around 6 a.m. and end at around 12 midnight. A wide range of tickets is available. Only two of these are of relevance if you stay in Holland for a short time.

Regional buses travel to the smaller towns and villages. Express bus services and the Interliner buses are comfortable alternatives for the train for inter-city travel.

By tram and underground (metro)

The cities of The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam offer transportation by underground. Amsterdam and Rotterdam also have a subway system. Most underground and subway services start at 6 a.m. and run until approximately 12 midnight. The subway trains and undergrounds are usually faster than the city buses. You do not have to buy a ticket on the tram/subway but you use the so-called 'strippen card'. The local The Hague tram company is HTM, in Amsterdam the GVB company offers underground and subway services, while the Rotterdam equivalent is RET.

Metro Amsterdam

Metro 50There are 4 metrolines:

The metro runs on its own track, completely separated from other traffic. Part of the route lies underground in a tunnel, part lies on an elevated track. Level crossings with other traffic are avoided. Travelling with the metro is therefore quick and reliable.

Circle tram Amsterdam
Circle tram Amsterdam Line 20 is no longer available.
The circle tram stopped running in 2003. It was a great ride. Circle tram 20 was specially for day-trippers and tourists. A hop-on, hop-off tram that had talen you through the city center.

For further information about public transport via OV9292 by online, by telephone (0900-9292, EUR 0.70 p/m; only from within Holland), or via a mobile service.
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