Great Dutch Snacks

Great Dutch Snacks - Delicious Dutch Treats

Dutch French Fries

Potatoes are a staple in the Dutch diet. It’s not surprising that "patat" is a popular snack. These french fries most very often served with mayonnaise or peanut butter sauce. Be sure to try them during your stay.


Savory Creamy Meatballs would be an appropriate translation of the word "bitterballen". They are often served at cocktail parties or as a snack with a pre-dinner drink. You can eat these tasty deep-fried morsels hot, on a toothpick, dipped in mustard.


These golden brown fried tasty tidbits can be eaten as a cocktail treat, but they can also be inserted in a bread roll, smothered in mustard, and devoured as a tasty mini-sandwich. Any snack bar has a kroket for you.

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