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If you want to visit the region by boat, you also have a large choice of marinas. Do contact them before you go there, to make sure they have room for the size of your boat. You can also find places to fill up here:

Yacht Harbours

With extensive recreational possibilities for cruises to Zaan, Alkmaardermeer, IJselmeer, the top of Noord-Holland, the North Sea, Amsterdam, the Vecht region and more, it's no wonder the Zaan Region has so many yacht harbours. The total mooring capacity is over 1500 places. One of the largest yacht harbours in the country is in Nauerna, in branch canal F of the North Sea Canal, with a capacity of over 350 moorings. Below follows a survey, from north to south, of the yacht harbours of the Zaan Region.


Jachthaven de Boeier on Tapsloot: 30 moorings in the Zaan Jachthaven 't Swaentje, 150 moorings in the Zaan

Jachthaven Oostra, 176 moorings in the Zaan Jachthaven ZZV, 300 moorings in the Zaan

Wormer Jachthaven Weromi. Accessible by way of Poelsluis between Zaan and Zwet, 125 moorings in Zwet. There is also a restaurant and a hotel with 10 rooms.


Sailing Association de Onderlinge, D. Sonoyweg, 200 moorings in de Poel, a branch of the Zaan.

Jachtwerf de Hippert, Weerpad 2, 80 moorings in Watering.

Municipal Jachthaven, 83 moorings in the Voorzaan near Het Eiland.

Jachthaven Dukra, Voorzaan behind Hogendijk. 180 moorings. Dukra is presently expanding its facilities.

Jachthaven Bruijnzeel. Vredeweg. Moorings adjacent to North Sea Canal.


Jachthaven Nauerna, Assendelft. 350 moorings in a branch canal D of the North Sea Canal. This is one of the largest yacht harbours in the Netherlands.


Jachthaven de Roemer. Moorings in the recreational area Twiske. Noorderlaaik 2, telephone 075-684 4890. This area is surrounded by a dike and is therefore closed to pleasure boats by water. Access here requires a boat trailer.


Since this year boating enthusiasts can obtain fuel in the Zaan Region at two locations.

Filling Station Voorzaan

The new tank station Voorzaan of the Kramer brothers of Zaandam is located on Havenstraat, just before Den Uijl Bridge. Pleasure craft can obtain fuel and fresh water here and Tourist Office folders about the surroundings. The station has its own moorings. It also sells marine lubrication products, telephone 075-

Filling Station Vos

Filling Station Vos is located in Koog aan de Zaan on Zuideinde between Prins Alexanderbrug and the Coentunnel. Here boating tourists can obtain fuel. Two pumps are on the banks of the Zaan, where pleasure craft can moor.

Landing Stages (Stopping Place Plan)

Landing Stages (Stopping Place Plan)
The Municipalities of Zaanstad and Wormerland are presently working on plans for enticing the water sports tourist to stay in town longer. Some 15,000 pleasure boats per year currently cruise along the Zaan directly to Alkmaardermeer and beyond, without stopping in the Zaan Region. This situation is mainly due to a lack of moorings - a pity since the towns of the Zaan Region have much more to offer than only the Zaanse Schans. Attractions include many museums, catering establishments, shopping in the various town centres, the picturesque villages and surprising walking and cycling routes.

Work is starting this year in Zaanstad and Wormerland on the construction of the first three landing stages. These will be located near Snookerscentrum in central Zaandam, behind the Albert Heijn supermarket in Koog aan the Zaan, and near the Poelsluis in Wormer. Another thirty landing stages will be built in the coming years in collaboration with local merchants. Some of these facilities will have electricity and water supplied to make possible an overnight stay. Every jetty will also post a sign giving general and specific information. An annual list of the events in the Zaan Region completes the sign.

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