The hole of Sol

Somewhere in the Veluwe woods there is the Solse Gat, a large hole in the hilly countryside. Once there used to be a monastery there, surrounded by moats. However, this was not a good monastery, for the monks lived lavishly and richly and they had surrendered their souls to the Devil. The monks loved revelling; wine was drunk, and there was dancing and singing, ranting and raging until dawn. The windows were alight the whole night through, until, on one stormy Christmas night, the whole monastery was submerged. The earth had opened up to so much evil and then closed over it At midnight, in calm weather, the hoarse, cracked sound of the bells ringing can still be heard. And sometimes, in the dark of night, the ghosts of the moaning monks can be seen walking round the Solse Gat in one long, gloomy line. Blue vapour rises from the water because the monks are floating above. They have to do this every night, until dawn. As soon as the sun starts to shine it seems as if nothing has happened. Everything in this beautiful Veluwe countryside is so peaceful that one could almost start to doubt that some moments before the spirits had disappeared into the water in the middle of the Solse Gat.

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