Hoorn City and Its Local Highlights


The town of Hoorn on the IJsselmeer offers a combination of old and new. Monumental facades tell of the history of this former Dutch East India Company town. The street plan has to a large extent remained intact and historical buildings have been retained in their old forms. The town has at least 300 monuments. The two marinas of the town also attract many visitors. Every year, thousands of water sportsmen come to Hoorn to enjoy the IJsselmeer. Around the harbour there is something of everything to be found; an old lock, cheese warehouses and fully-equipped modern marinas. Hoorn is also the departure point of the Museum Steamtram, which runs to and from Medemblik. This connects three old Dutch towns with a journey through a typically Dutch countryside with wide views and tulips.

The Scheepsjongens of Bontekoe

The ship's boys of Bontekoe (The Scheepsjongens of Bontekoe), is a book, written by Johan Fabricius.The book plays in the time of the united East-Indian-Indian company. Dozens of ships turned then load from East Indie. One of them were the captain Willem IJsbrantsz Bontekoe, a legendary character from Hoorn. On its ship three boys made their first travel trip on the world sea. Their names were Rolf, Padde and Hajo. Sculptor Jan van Drunen got the task in 1967, to make the three sea in bronze and since then the boys concerning the water of the port. Now a days there is also a film of the three boys in Holland. However, the ship's boys mostly fantasy, while William IJsbrantsz Bontekoe (1587-1657) actually existed. He even survived the disaster with his ship, the Nieuw Hoorn, flew into the air and made his adventures in a book to the world. There is bronze statue next to the hoofdtoren (near the Wooden Head and Main Tower) in the harbour of Hoorn created in 1967 by sculptor Jan van Drunen.

Hoorn Sailing area:

Around the harbour there is something of everything to be found; an old lock, cheese warehouses and fully-equipped modern marinas. The 'Wooden Head' landing stage, now frequently used by the historic 'brown fleet' of wooden boats, and the Hoofdtoren tower date from the 17th century. Around the harbour there are various pavement cafes, restaurants and benches for watching what is going on.

Hoorn lays at the beautiful lake Markermeer (IJsselmeer), at the lake we have plenty of space to sail our games and even with more groups. The distance to the start is about 2 mile. The weather in Hoorn in the end of the summer August and September is nice and sunny, most of the time is the wind southwest 2-4 beaufort.

There are six different museums within walking distance of one another. The Museum of the Twentieth Century is established in an old cheese warehouse and makes it possible to take a journey through time, while the Westfries Museum provides a picture of the history of the town and the region. Close to the harbour stands the small Toy Museum. Hoorn is the departure point of the Museum Steam Tram, which runs to and from Medemblik. Two other museums worth visiting are the Dutch Poster museum and the Museum Turkey-Netherlands.

There are also plenty of indoor and outdoor sports facilities in the residential areas for those who are not members of a club. Hoorn has an athletics track that is suitable for national competitions and football clubs that play at the highest level of amateur sports. The two swimming pools, one of which is covered, are open to both clubs and private individuals. The latest acquisition is the De Westfries ice-rink, located in the De Blauwe Berg recreational area.

The Het Park theatre and congress centre provides a stage for innumerable national musical productions. The theatre offers visitors a diverse range of shows. The city is buzzing and bubbling elsewhere, too. Hoorn is famed among lovers of early music for its Early Music Festival. In the field of pop music and youth culture, the Manifesto pop and culture centre has an extensive programme. Every year the Karavaan Festival opens the summer season in Hoorn with a stunning spectacular. More and more visitors from outside the city are also finding their way to the Karperkuil for its atmospheric harbour concerts. An absolute high point is the Hoorn Fair. With its 80 different attractions it is the best urban fair in the Netherlands and attracts droves of fair lovers every year.

The De Blauwe Berg recreational area offers even more contemporary recreation and entertainment facilities. In addition to the modern ice rink that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, in the near future there will be a large cinema complex with some 8 screens and a dance club.

Particularly if you have children, think of playgrounds, attraction parks, boat excursions and windmills open to the public. In the evening, relax and chill in one of the saunas.
bronze statue next to the hoofdtoren (near the Wooden Head and Main Tower) in the harbour of Hoorn created in 1967 by sculptor Jan van Drunen.

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