Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik Of Gollden Circle

Hoorn is a true seaport with Jan Pieterszoon Coen standing guard over the city and the ship boys of Bontekoe gazing across the water at the ships. Via the West-Friesian villages of Venhuizen and Bovenkarspel you arrive at the second corner of this historical triangle; Enkhuizen. The ancient facades and stately merchant homes with their many ornaments testify to the hustle and bustle and prosperity of yesteryear. The town of Medemblik exudes the same romantic atmosphere as the old seaport of Enkhuizen.

Like Enkhuizen, Hoorn is another port city with a long maritime tradition and a relationship with the sea. A long standing testament to its economic influence and activity, Cape Horn still has its name after this city in Noord Holland. Hoorn is very old, dating back to around the early 8th century, and you can still see the original city gates. It is one of the largest cities in that area, making it the cultural center for the surrounding area. In the summer there is a music festival on the main square, there are lots of little places to eat along the harbor, and when the weather isn’t so terribly bad, Hoorn is a great place to sit on a terrace and relax.

Hoorn City and Its Local Highlights

Enkhuizen City and Its Local Highlights

Medemblik City and Its Local Highlights

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