The Jagersveld recreational area

The Jagersveld recreational area

The Jagersveld recreational area lies between the districts of Kogerveld and the Kalf. In its center is the lake, with a depth of 30 meters. The Jagers Lake resulted from sand mining in the area for the construction of the Coen tunnel road. Various beaches encircle the lake for swimming and several are reserved for surfing. Lovely walking and bicycling tracks criss-cross the area.

Some of them pass through peat-meadow land. During the walks wonderful views of the lake are possible. Lavatory and drinking water are available on the beaches. Ice cream is sold in the summer from carts. The adjacent restaurant in sports center Zaansport has good meals, but a cup of coffee or a drink can also be ordered on the pavement cafe. On holidays the police patrol the area.

jagersveld recreational area lake

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