The Koggevaarder from Onderdijk (De Koggevaarder Polderrondvaart), Medemblik

A combination of polder, nature and round-trip, Medemblik

A “Kogge” or “Cogge” was in the middle ages a jurisdiction of approximately four villages who supplied men to the landlord in times of conflict “vaarder” is sailor or skipper. "The Koggevaarder" –as you would guess from the name- is a small local company who provide day boat trips in and around the northern circuit of the city of Medemblik and the villages Onderdijk, Opperdoes, Oostwoud or Wervershoof on typical farmer barges with experienced skippers and uses boats which have passed the Dutch shipping inspection.

First take a coffee and cake and then embark for a 1.5 / 2 hour trip to Medemblik and/or Opperdoes and a BBQ to close the day. During the trip we can pay a visit to the old Steam Museum, the 13th century "Radboud" Castle, the little Tea room/restaurant at the village park in Medemblik. At this Tea house there is a big play area for kids and a possibility to play a game of midget golf. This all can be combined with the horse tram "Omnibus" from Onderdijk to Medemblik or just rent the beer bicycle, a sport-scooter or a real Dutch bicycle. You can also choose to take a 2 hour golf-clinic at the “18 hole golf” course in Onderdijk.

In the period April t/m September they sail mainly over the Groote (big) and Kleine (little) Vliet (shallow loch) which are located near Onderdijk. Ancestors used this route for the transportation of produce from the fields back home or on to the auction in Medemblik. Offer trips for groups of up to 20 and are therefore ideal for work and family outings, bbq trips, stag/hen parties or singles.
 Koggevaarder from Onderdijk - gymnastics-trip because of amount of low bridges theye pass

Day trip 1

The embarkation is at the new “Vooroever hotel” in Onderdijk. From this point our skipper will take you over the “Groote” and “Kleine Vliet” towards Medemblik. A combination of polder, nature and round-trip trough the canals of the agent Medemblik. Here you will sail past the former (Napoleonic) Navy institute and the old vegetable auction. The skipper will be able to tell you lots of local stories about the nature and history of the local area.

Day trip 2

This trip has got the same embarkation-point as daytrip 1 (the Vooroever hotel) it is a more cultural trip in the Wervershoof direction. We will pass the Grain mill. A visit to this mill, including a drink and snack is one of the possibilities. In an extended version of this trip will take you to Opperdoes where we will pay a visit to the bee museum. The bee-keeper will love to tell you about the flowers/birds and the bees.

Day trip 3

This daytrip is especially for the nature lover and it will take you over the “Egboetswater” in the "Oostwoud" direction. This route is called the gymnastics-trip because of amount of low bridges we pass. You will have to duck-deep regularly.

Location and Contact:
The Koggevaarder from Onderdijk (De Koggevaarder Polderrondvaart)
Spanker 1
1671 RV Medemblik
Tel: +31 (0) 227 548213, +31 (0) 6 50428338

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