Korenmolen de Leeuw (Flour Mill the Lion)

Dutch Korenmolen de Leeuw (Flour Mill the Lion) Windmills

Just outside Amsterdam lies the city of Aalsmeer. Every year, thousands of visitors come to see the world’s largest flower auction which is situated here.

In the center of the old village stands the octagon platform windmill ‘De Leeuw’ (The Lion). This mill, which was built here in 1863, underwent a complete restoration in 1994/1995. De Leeuw is a flour mill with two sets of millstones. The first floor of this mill features a permanent photo exhibition. This exhibition gives an overview of all the different types of windmills in Holland, their positioning and purposes.

Every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon the mill is open to the public. Most of the time the mill is working and, if possible, grinding. Visitors can climb the mill as high as the hoisting floor, to get a good impression of the construction and operation of these living monuments.

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