Canal Hopper Delft

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Canal Hopper Delft
Hooikade 13 2627AB
06 - 2299 2795

Canal Hopper Delft

Canal Hopper, residents and visitors of Delft is a whisper to shops, museums and restaurants in the city to transport: easy and pleasant. For children's parties and other events are the boats ready.

The Museum Hopper takes you to all the main tourist spots such as the Military Museum, Prinsenhof Museum, Nusantara cultural museum, the Oude Jan (Church) and the New Church. The Shopper Hopper will take you not only to the old centre of Delft but also to De Veste shopping centre. You can even get off at the Porceleyne Fles Delft Blue exhibition center. You'll leave from the "Passantenhaven tourist harbour and sail over the Rijn-Schie Canal.

Delft really is a water city, with 151 kilometers of waterways and 286 bridges. The canal taxi makes city transport by water just as easy as by road.

Prices from 2.50 euro water taxi

  • Some travel within downtown € 2.50 per person
  • One way out of center € 5.00 per person

Reduction with / Boat hire from 35.00 euro

It is also possible to boats booked in advance and a boat trip to Delft Canal Hopper up to 8 persons per boat. We offer many options and packages.

Water Taxi

Canal Hopper Water Taxi takes you whisper in her boats to various places in the center. In this way, relax and enjoy Delft, while the water taxi you to a museum or shop for the mall of Delft.

A water taxi is only on the day of the desired speed to be reserved by telephone, the availability depends on our capacity at that time.

Out of Center

From the marina (= Hooikade / South Kolk) Delft Canal Hopper brings you directly to the Royal Delft: A wonderful trip on the Rhine-Schie canal.


Canal Hopper Delft is organizing in cooperation with various organizations and great special offers:

Whisper in beautiful boats navigating the waters Delft. Through playful and unexpected style puzzle questions you crisscross the many canals and under the numerous bridges the historic city counts. The moat puzzle can be extended with a picnic basket or drink on board or exciting workshops and activities in attractive locations along the route.

This arrangement is suitable for all ages and takes 1.5 hours.

Price € 9.95 per person

Delft canal Pancakes

Meet at City's Kleyweg koffyhuis, offering a luxurious look starts to whisper in one hour all the beautiful places of Delft from the water view. Then you return to inform us on any of our specialty pancakes to eat.

Visit Royal Delft

The museum and the Royal Delft factory / Royal Delft are easily reached by Canal Hopper from the center of Delft.

A visit to Royal Delft comprises:

Painting Demonstration, the company museum with antique Delft blue pieces and the production process in the factory. Tour duration is approximately half hours.

The showroom offers a complete collection of hand-painted Delft Royal Delft Blue and also a wide selection of Dutch pottery and souvenirs.

Our Brasserie offers in high season a snack and a drink.

As an extension of a tour we offer various packages including an additional extended tour or a workshop. We have three different packages and several workshops to choose from.

Chocolate Workshop at the Lily

At Chocolaterie De Lelie are exclusive handmade chocolates made in the cozy shop offers next to the array of chocolates and chocolate find a wide range of original and unique chocolate gifts.

Chocolaterie De Lelie chocolate also organizes workshops. With business associates, your employees or just with family and friends. As team building, theme workshop or as part of a bachelor party.

Delft Canal Hopper brings you with a nice cruise on the canals of Delft and from Chocolaterie De Lelie.

Delft canal Pancakes

Meet at City's Kleyweg koffyhuis, offering a luxurious look starts to whisper in one hour all the beautiful places of Delft from the water view. Then you return to inform us on any of our specialty pancakes to eat.

Attractive dining and boating

Dinner at Van der Dussen is enjoying fair food in a pleasant, warm environment. The restaurant sits nicely embedded in the corner of Old Bagijnhof. Combine your meal with a pleasant aperitif with appetizers aboard the Canal Hopper during a cruise through the canals of Delft.

Walking and boating along Delft courtyards

Do not miss out and enjoy an idyllic way through Delft beautiful canals. The boat you sail as close as possible to the various courtyards in the historic center of Delft. Our enthusiastic and professional guide will walk with you to the courtyards to let you enjoy the doll houses and their stories.

This arrangement is suitable for all ages and lasts 2 hours.

Price € 14.95 per person (minimum 15 people)

Delft canal Pancakes

Meet at City's Kleyweg koffyhuis, offering a luxurious look starts to whisper in one hour all the beautiful places of Delft from the water view.

Discover the Princes and vault

William of Orange - the founder of the Netherlands - on 10 July 1584 by Balthasar Geraerts killed on the way to the refectory. For centuries, what "The Prince Basement" is served for the storage of wines and provisions, particularly since the meat hooks still in the cap. The food is lavenders and figuratively in the basement so the blood that is undeniable.

"The Prinsenkelder" leads, despite the long history, a modern kitchen and is equipped with all required equipment. The lined style cuisine is French / Dutch. Also, enjoy the historic gardens to both the Nonnerie as Prinsenkelder available.

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