Kaasboerderij de Graaf (Cheese Farm de Graaf)

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Kaasboerderij de Graaf (Cheese Farm de Graaf)
Ruigekade 24 1426RW
De Hoef
0297 - 56 14 97

Kaasboerderij de Graaf (Cheese Farm de Graaf)

Boerengolf (also clog golf) is an outdoor sport played in the landscape. With a wink a variation on the regular golf. The aim of the game is a journey of a number of holes in as few strokes as possible to go.

Instead of the usual course of the Green is a stroll through our meadows between the cows and sheep with the sounds of different types of grassland birds around you. Natural obstacles such as ditches, make the whole exciting and challenging. A pleasant outing for family, friends or colleagues.


Unique routes

For a nice canoe trip through the river or the polder Blokland "you can also contact us. You sail through a unique nature and landscape.

Choose from various types of canoes:canoeing_on_the_farm_amstel_1.jpg

With a superb fast canoe (1 - or 2 persons) you can farm from a canoe trip through the Amstel make. You can towards Uithoorn and Amstelhoek. Whether you choose to Nieuwveen direction to sail.

Trips may be made of about two hours or longer tours of about three hours.

With a large, Canadian canoe you can experience a wonderful adventure canoe. Paddle through the locks you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. In spring there are plenty of grassland birds to discover what about the birds that regularly in our polder stay!


Reservations are accepted per person or multiple people at once. In agreement, we reserve for you a short or long trips. Prices from 6 Euro per canoe per hour. Also suitable for corporate events!

Book via our contact form or call directly at 0297-561497.

Overview Prices:

Canadian Canoe (3 - or 4 persons):

  • € 7.00 per hour
  • € 20.00 per half day (5 hours)
  • € 28.00 per day

1 - or 2-person canoe:

  • € 6.00 per hour
  • € 17.00 per half day (5 hours)
  • € 24.00 per day


We have horse stalls for rent for a price of € 170.00 per month including feeding silage, excluding the mucking and excluding concentrates.

We also have pony boxes (outside boxes) for rent with views of the polder for the price of € 140.00 per month including feeding silage, excluding the mucking and excluding concentrates.

From November 1 to May 1 the horses day and night, but every day a few hours put outside.

From May 1 to November 1 the horses day and night in the meadow. We have a well-lit outdoor ebb and flow.


On our farm you can play Frisbee golf. Frisbee Golf is like a farmer's variation on the regular golf.
The player must be in as few throws as possible a specific itinerary. The ultimate goal is a disc in a target, a round metal basket with chains hanging above it, go to come.

Each target has a chain structure at the top where the disc drive from being raised to be. If the speed is slowed down by the chains, the disc falls into the metal basket attached underneath. On the trail are several targets placed at an average distance of 75 to 175 feet apart.

As the regular golfer and a club has a ball, the frisbee golf frisbees disposal, each with its own flight characteristics. The driver for the long haul, the "midrange" for the medium range and "putter" for the last throw. The "putter" is only used by professionals in the last throw.

Recreational and casual players can disk it is best to use the entire trail. The disk has a thicker rim, which is not so easily damaged by the chains of the target.


Frisbee golf costs € 7.00 per person

Group discount from 20 persons.

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