Smit Giethoorn (Water Village)

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Smit Giethoorn
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Smit Giethoorn

The famous water village Giethoorn offers many options for a fun day out. Delicious with water (sailing) punt, rowing boat, canoe or whisper. Or would you prefer to cruise along with an explanation of an experienced skipper? Smit Giethoorn for all your needs the correct address.

Giethoorn can be preferably from the water admire. In our covered tour boats make a trip through the old village and the lake. The route you will pass beautiful farms, numerous bridges and Vonder and many attractions. Through the (shallow) Bovenwijde get back to our company. This route takes about one hour.

With us you can find rowing boats, canoes, boats or sailboats whisper. Whatever craft you choose, you will receive from us a beautiful card with the courses.

Boat Rentals

Giethoorn is a water village: from the water origin and thus the best from the water to admire. Moreover, boating course, very nice.

With us you can find whisper boats equipped with electric, watering (sailing), punts, canoes and rowboats

Whatever craft you choose, you will receive from us a beautiful card with the courses. In combination with the various sailing packages available.

Whisper Boats

Our entire fleet of rental boats is equipped with silent electric motors. Very quiet and no smell from the village canal and completely ideal for exploring the nature trails shipping. The engines are easily accessed so that even the biggest landlubber can handle it.

whisper_boats_1.jpg(Sail) punters

Venice has its gondolas, Giethoorn the punter. This flat-bottomed boat Giethoorn the peasants for centuries from their farm to the land. Together with the "bootie", the 'goat' and 'easy' is the punter "the danger".

Our sailboats can all point-in-Office to explore the village, whether through our 'punt hunt ". Arrived at the lake, the mast upright and use the wind in the sails hang out.

Sailing with a punt is not difficult. The boats are stable and, although it is not needed to know, and Bovenwiede Zuideindiger Wiedenest are not deep!


Our single or double kayaks or in a Canadian canoe you can make beautiful trips through the village on the lakes and the nature.


The rowing boat sail preferably by the last piece of the canal to the idyllic village Zuideindiger Wiedenest. At this shallow (about 1.20 meters) longer you can safely sail past the reeds and relax and enjoy what nature has to offer at that time. Breeding birds, a gull colony and who knows you see in the reeds even a few deer running.

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