Aviodrome Elementary School Package

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National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome (Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome)

Aviodrome Elementary School Package

School trips to the Aviodrome: an educational day in the clouds!

The Aviodrome in Lelystad is opened year round. The Aviodrome offers a large voyage of discovery through the history of aviation. It answers questions as: "What materials is a plane build of?" and "How was flying in the past?". But also questions like "How does a plane fly?" and "Where did the first trips by plane go to?".

But the Aviodrome is not just about history. You can also make a spectacular flight in a real full motion flight simulator. Or experience a flight in a hot air balloon in the Top-down theater. The movie theater has a spectacular widescreen measuring a full 18 by 13 meters! On it various movies are shown. Main feature is at the moment a movie about helicopters.

For pupils this will be both an educational and a very fun day in the clouds!


In the main building there is a large exhibit covering over a hundred years in aviation. It includes a number of educational attractions. As well the temporary exhibition 'De zwevende Hollander' (the floating Dutchman) can be found here. This exhibition covers the recent space flight of Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers.

Outside Schiphol has been reconstructed as it was in the 30s. It even includes a full scale reconstruction of the 1928 terminal building, back then build specifically to cater to the Amsterdam Olympics. In this building you can visit the departure and arrivals area. Take a quick visit to the Customs and the Marechaussee (comparable to military police), there you will learn what they do and how it differs from how it was done in the past. You can finish the visit exactly like people would have done in 1928, by visiting the Grand Café. It even includes a good view over the aprons. The apron always has one static DC-3 'Dakota' on it. But often you can also see active planes here, old and new!

Aviation laboratory

The aviation laboratory has a wind tunnel that can be used by pupils to do little tests. They explain better than anything else how lift is achieved and how a plane can turn and bank.


Outdoors is where the apron can be found. Active planes can be seen here, but it all from a safe distance! This does not mean you can not come close to planes though! The Aviodrome has opened a few planes to the public. Among them is the Antonov An-2, the largest single engined biplane ever! The full motion flight simulator can be found here as well.


School classes can take part in various activities. There are special children tours through our exhibits. Other tours take the kids outside, through the Schiphol (1928) building or the storage depot.

A number of highly educational 'fox hunts' and special activities are also possible on request. During the summer it is for instance possible to make and launch rockets (part of the space exhibition). They will be happy to arrange a program with you!

The Aviodrome can offer the following special offer for elementary schools only:

  • Free advance visit for 2 teachers to scout the museum;
  • Pupils up to the 8th grade (at least 20 persons) get entry for € 7,50 per person;
  • Per 20 pupils one teacher/caretaker can visit for free;
  • Free tour;
  • Free 'fox-hunts' and activities;
  • Free parking for coaches (busses)

This elementary school package does not apply during the official school holidays, nor during weekends.

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Contact and other details info visit: National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome (Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome) at Lelystad Airport

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