Aviodrome Secondary School Package

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National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome (Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome)

Aviodrome Secondary School Package

Experience a great aviation day with your class, in the aviodrome!

Search for traces from our aviation history!

The Aviodrome takes you on a journey across the highlights of a hundred intriguing aviation years. You enter a magical time machine that will take you past true aviation heroes. When you leave the machine, you will find yourself in Haarlem where Anthony Fokker is making the first flight in the Netherlands, around the St. Bavo church. With the same time machine you will also find yourself at the Wright Flyer, which made the first flight in the Netherlands in 1909.

Next to the main exposition hall (+/- 6000m2) there is also a sensational film theater with a large screen. You can truly experience flying in historic planes, or cutting edge jetfighters. And when you have finished the movie, you can always get into the full motion flight simulator, and get some real G-forces!

In the wind laboratory you can test how various wing layouts react to the airflow. An easier (or more fun!) way to learn how a plane flies and maneuvers does not exist!
aviodrome school package


There are many activities for the youth. For instance film weekends, theater plays and special guided tours! Check the website for the latest information or give us a call!

The package

The Aviodrome has the following package deal on offer to secondary schools:

  • Free advance visit for 2 teachers to scout the museum;
  • Pupils 12 years and older (at least 20 pupils) € 11,50 per scholar;
  • Per 20 pupils one teacher/caretaker can visit for free;
  • Free tour;
  • Free drink for the pupils;
  • Free parking for coaches (buses).

See More: Aviodrome For Kids

Contact and other details info visit: National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome (Nationaal Luchtvaart-Themapark Aviodrome) at Lelystad Airport

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