Kaasboerderij Weenink (Weenink Cheese Farm)

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Kaasboerderij Weenink (Weenink Cheese Farm)
Eimersweg 3 7137HG
0544 - 37 14 46
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Kaasboerderij Weenink (Weenink Cheese Farm)

ACTIVITIES Excusie as one, the cheese quiz and playing a game of Farmer, nice walk through the meadows sports activities. Watching the animals. Options for eating and drinking. Terraces overlooking fields and cows and fun ice cream menu. Starting point for walking, cycling and sightseeing tour on a scooter.

Weenink Cheese Farm milks about 60 cows per day. These cows provide 1800 liters of milk. In this milk fat is 4.40% and 3.40% protein. Fat and protein are important nutrients for humans. Through the process cheese is fat and protein in cheese and milk salts and sugars remain behind in the meadow.

The oldest cow on the farm is Juliana. She is 17 years old and has produced more than 130,000 kg of milk, and now nearly 10,000 kg of fat and protein. This is a remarkable achievement. On the second day of Pentecost Regional market it will be put in the limelight.


With our own eyes how cottage cheese is made? Come on a trip to our Cheese . The traditional way we farm cheese from raw milk Gouda from our own cows. Cheese is in this process step by step and you can always taste the end result!

The excursion through the cheese factory consists of:

  • the movie "From Grass to Cheese" (in Dutch, English or German)
  • tasting of three cheeses along with explanations of the cheeses we make, everything that comes with it
  • visiting the dairy and cheese storage
  • The tour takes about one hour


11.00, 14.00 and 16.00 hours.

Price: 20 people € 3.00

Tour for Kids

'Tour for Kids "by our Cheese. Step by step we show how farmstead Gouda made and of course everybody cheese tasting!

Then we take you with me on our farm and all the children here have fun, learn milking cows or cuddling with our animals.

The excursion for kids by the cheese factory consists of:

  • watching the movie "From Grass to Cheese" (in Dutch, English or German)
  • tasting of three cheeses along with explanations of the cheeses we make, everything that comes with it
  • visiting the dairy and cheese storage
  • tour of the farm (By appointment for groups)
  • playing on the farm


Children 4-12 years € 3.00

The excursion is ideal for kids as educational trips for schools.


Besides Farmer cheese is a trademark of Weenink Cheese Farm: We have this super friendly sport invented and brought to life! Boerengolf is suitable for all ages and sports construction. Laugh together and enjoy doing outside form the basis for Farmers.

golf_1.jpgThe game

In groups or in pairs to pull a special Farmer's Club - a lump of solid wood with a stick - and a ball through the fields around our farm. Here we have plotted a course of 10 holes. Each hole has a milk bucket buried as the endpoint. Between the cows try the ball with as few strokes as possible into the hole. The person or group in the circuit travels the least number of strokes is the winner.

When you play Farmer, we will be happy tricycle by an amplifier in the form of sodas, drink a beer or a Farmer!


Adults: € 7,50 pp € 7.50 pp

Children 4-12 years: € 4, - pp
Groups> 15 persons: € 6, - pp (For groups advance reservation.)

Cheese & Wine Package:

Are you a lover of cheese and wine? Weenink Cheese Farm will offer you and a Burgundian vines Besselinkschans and sporty package: From Cheese to Wine.

Meet the production and taste of the fair farmhouse cheeses in our cheese factory. And take a look at the vineyard vines Besselinkschans Achterhoekse and enjoy real quality.


  • Weenink Cheese Reception at 10.30 am
  • 2x coffee and gingerbread / ½ Pill Deleted
  • Tour with cheese tasting and film "From grass to Cheese"
  • Walking with picnic backpack
  • During one hour of walking you will pass beautiful places where you can picnic

Visit Wijndomein Besselinkschans

  • Reception with welcome drink
  • Tour the vineyard
  • Explanation vinification
  • Tasting of 4 wines
  • Served with French bread

Cheese Farm (1 hour)

Expected return: 16.00 hours

From 8 people

Price: € 28.50 per person

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