Boerderij De Stelle (Farm)

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Boerderij De Stelle (Farm)
Stelweg 3 4305 RC
0111 450198

Boerderij De Stelle (The Farm Stelle)

Stelle ''the farm''offers the opportunity to actively learn about the countryside. You can pick our own berries, along with the farmer feeding the animals, a trip through the corn maze, or shepherd at work with his sheep.

For us they are just very valuable for us and for you. The packages we provide are they ready and put under supervision packaged in a great way so you get a package that you're giving away.

We start with three basic packages that range between € 17.50 and € 55.00 euros (including VAT). Of course, all packages are customized to your needs.

To get into the mood and clear and easy to make your selection on the composition, we invite you warmly to visit our farm where the whole Christmas package can be viewed.

To be sure that we have time for you and discuss your needs, it is advisable to make an appointment. Of course you daily from 10.00 - 17.00 hours along to the free atmosphere.

Learn and work the farm Stelle

That the care farm an important role in society is becoming increasingly clear position. We can well see at the farm, because customers sign up regularly.

Clarity and fixed task

Fixed functions give clarity. Not everyone is the same. It is therefore important to listen carefully to what someone likes to do. We work with our many tasks and which is fixed for most of us very pleasant. The tasks we come together and we describe a pictodagindeling. That we hang visible on a fixed position on the board.

Working on our farm

Our farm is 4 hectares of land. Especially when all the land there must be well groomed. The grass should be mowed and the trees pruned. Mowing we take turns with the lawn tractors or tractor and this should teach anyone who wants. We help with all the yard neat and tidy. We are weeding the weeds in the orchard and in the spring and summer we went to pick our own hearts' content and make delicious fruit jam. It can be helped with all the jars to provide labels and boxes to pack, so we can make shipping orders.

We also have a petting zoo where a donkey, goats and pygmy goats walk, they have a real drag stall. There are a few Kune, Kune pigs in a separate 'mud' pasture, because of digging into these beasts. a run where our guinea pigs run loose and there are very often young born. Chickens, ducks and rabbits running loose in the yard.

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