Mecon Engineering

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Mecon Engineering
Koopmanslaan 25 7005 BK
+31 (0)314 398900
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Mecon Engineering

MECON develops, realises and directs technical and creative solutions for industrial and scientific purposes. One of the areas of expertise is precision technology, aiming on the realisation of products which require a high degree of accuracy in shape or size or a very precise positioning of components. Other capabilities are high tech machine building and optronics.

MECON is a small, independent engineering company. MECON is active in different areas of industry such as mechanisation, robotics, materials handling, equipment engineering and aerospace. Some examples of projects and activities: development and realisation of machines for product handling and assembly, equipment for graphics and lithography and the design and prototyping of instruments for medicine and science.

Space activities

Since its founding in 1989, MECON has built up extensive expertise in several space projects on the engineering of components for scientific, microgravity and remote sensing instruments. For example, MECON was involved in space projects such as Sciamachy, OMI, ISS and recently Herschel. In this projects a lot of knowledge was built up on cryogenic- and vacuum design, materials and space engineering. The knowledge obtained with sophisticated space products is also used in terrestrial components. For example, the design of grapple fixtures for scientific space payloads has lead to similar products in terrestrial applications such as ground based telescopes, lithography modules and alignment equipment.

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