Medemblik City and Its Local Highlights

Medemblik City

Medemblik is the smallest, prettiest and oldest city of West-Friesland along the former Zuiderzee (IJsselmeer), approximately 40 kilometres north of Amsterdam. West Friesland is now owned by the county of Holland, a founding member of the Republic of Seven United Netherlands (1579). It received its municipal charter in 1289 and flourished particularly in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Northern Holland played a key role in the long struggle against Spanish domination, and the town of Alkmaar was the first to throw off the yoke. The era of prosper- ity known as the Golden Age ensued, and North Holland has its fair share of richly ornamented buildings from this period. The fishing and trading ports of Enkhuizen, Medemblik and Edam were at the centre of this boom.

Medemblik used to have a castle back in the 1500s but it was destroyed by the Arumer Zwarte Hoop led by Pier Gerlofs Donia and Wijard Jelckama. In the broad and empty landscape small villages with all the necessaries grew up including Slootdorp, Middenmeer and Wieringerwerf, which built a town hall with a bell tower. The present area has pastureland as well as the woods of Robbenoordbos and Dijkgatsbos and nature areas and breeding areas for birds around the 'Wielen', small ponds that had their origin in collapses of the dykes.

In addition there are many tourist attractions, such as harbours, castle Radboud, a typical windmill "De Herder" and many museums and establishments. There is a recreational area at the Vooroever. International sailing competitions are held several times a year and the lake is excellent for both sailing and windsurfing. Situated near the A7 motorway, the hotel is 55 kilometres from downtown Amsterdam and 35 kilometres from the North Sea beaches. The town also is linked to nearby Hoorn by steam engine railway. Overlooking the harbour, the city centre is 700-year-old.

Enthusiasts may also take a trip along the inner waterways to see the surrounding countryside, in a fluisterboot (‘whisper boat’) for example. Cycling is also an excellent way to see the magnificent countryside. The network of cycle paths starts in the immediate vicinity, with a ‘cycle junction network’ creating an entire chain of beautiful cycle routes. New residential building projects such as Water park and Schepenwijk are proof that Medemblik is more than just history and beautiful countryside.

The multifunctional centre De Muiter offers a wide range of sports and cultural activities. It is also to become home to the Bon Theater as of September 2008. FC Medemblik football club, the table tennis hall and the MTC tennis courts are all situated close to De Muiter. Medemblik has many choirs and music and theatre societies. There is a recreational area at the Vooroever. Enthusiasts may also take a trip along the inner waterways to see the surrounding countryside, in a fluisterboot (‘whisper boat’) for example. Medemblik Cities and Villages are: Abbekerk/Lambertschaag, Benningbroek and Sijbekarspel, Hauwert, Midwoud and Oostwoud, Nibbixwoud, Opperdoes, Twisk, Wognum and Zwaagdijk-West.

On 1 January 2007, Medemblik merged with the municipalities of Noorder-Koggenland and Wognum, yet retained its own name in the surviving municipality, even though it was the smallest of the three in population.
Medemblik tram station (spoortramstation)
Medemblik tram station (spoortramstation)

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